Shattering the myths about biblical subimssion. When Your Husband Says You Eat Too Much... @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

When Your Husband Says You Eat Too Much…

I do believe wives are to honor and respect their husbands as we are taught in scripture. But when it comes to biblical submission, in order for us to get it right, we have to understand one key thing: Husbands are not our ultimate authority.

How to use devotionals, Bible studies, and Christian living books to grow and strengthen your faith. @mrslotanner

How to Use Devotionals to Grow Your Faith

What I’m finding is in this new and growing age of Christian Literature, where new authors are emerging left and right, is not every book that claims to be for our spiritual growth is biblically sound. And that’s a problem. ESPECIALLY when so many Christians have turned to these examples to set the foundations for their lives.

Practical ways love your spouse and show up in your relationship @mrslotanner

How to Show Up In Relationships

We are so used to letting conditional love rule our hearts and create distance between us and our loved ones. Every hurt creates a little more distance and distrust. A relationship can’t bloom like that…

Avoiding these Bible Study mistakes can help you understand the heart and character of the God who loves you in a way that no other person or tool could ever match. @mrslotanner

3 Bible Study Mistakes You’re Probably Making + How to Avoid Them

Here’s the thing about relationships. When you base your knowledge of someone off of faulty information chances are your relationship with that person isn’t going to flourish. Why? Because you don’t know who it is that you’re connecting to. This is where a lot of Christians, especially new believers, stumble. They’ve heard about God. They’ve heard all the sermons on Sunday radio (or maybe in church). Their friends are Christians and the topic occasionally comes up in conversation. They may have a verse or two underlined in their Bible or hanging on their refrigerator. But have they taken the time to get to know God themselves? I want you to get to know this God that you’re curious about!

How to teach kids about Jesus and the Bible + 5 tools to help you do it! @mrslotanner

How to Teach Kids About Jesus and the Bible

A few years in a blog post I answered a few questions about why I pray for my children. The short answer was why not? Why not invite God to be active in their lives and begin nurturing the truth in their hearts? That answer opened the door to other questions like, how do we teach kids about Jesus and the Bible and how do we make the Bible make sense to little kids?

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