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First things first, Happy New Year friends! I don’t know about you, but I know this year I am determined to make the best of all that God has blessed (and in some ways challenged) me with. That covers a lot of ground, I know; so to narrow let’s narrow it down some. In this exact season of my life, my focus is nurturing my marriage. I may write about relationships, but I guarantee you, I don’t know it all. Just like you, sometimes I need someone to sew some truth and encouragement into me. And that’s what lead me to the golden read I am about to share with you.

See, I want to learn to love extravagantly. It sounds complicated, I know, but what if I told you there are resources out there that can simply if for you. Like this one, 100 Ways to Love Your Husband. 

100 Ways to Love Your Husband

100 Ways to Love Your Husband

About the book:

100 Ways to Love Your Husband is a brilliant relationship guide for married women, written by Lisa Jacobson of Club 31 Women. It’s not uncommon for men and women to struggle with how to show love to one another. The love is there, the words have been said’ but then what? Lisa’s book 100 Ways to Love Your Husband answers that very question (and with principles that are biblical!). It takes love from a noun to a verb and share 100 different ways for wives to intentionally shower their husbands with extravagant love.


I love this book for 3 reasons:

  1. It turns the concept of love into practical ACTION STEPS.
  2. It’s personal. The author, Lisa Jacobson, is honest, personal, and relate-able. She isn’t afraid to share her heart. She takes the time to be vulnerable and share relate-able moments of conflict and how these actions steps helped resolve , repair. and prevent hurt and disconnect in her marriage.
  3. It’s short. I was able to finish it in 3 days, even with my little ones running crazy and despite all the other responsibilities that fall into my plate.

Personally, I think more couples should read books like this one. We invest so much time and energy in things that aren’t near as important; our hobbies, interests, work, friendships, and other relationships and forms of entertainment. I would love to see husbands and wives invest their time and energy into their marriage relationships with that same drive.
And 100 Ways to Love Your Husband, it’s a good place to start!!

If you’re ready to nurture and grow your marriage in practical manageable ways that will make a difference; or maybe you’re single but want to prepare yourself for the glorious days to come; take this first step with me! Order your copy of 100 Ways to Love Your Husband HERE.

3 thoughts on “100 Ways to Love Your Husband”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve seen this book before and was tempted to try reading it, but I wasn’t sure how long or relevant it is. Since I have little ones running around sometimes reading feels impossible…but if you could read it in 3 days with littles running around, surely I can do it too! I appreciate the encouragement & your honest review!

    1. Thanks, Nicole, I’m glad I could be helpful. I know how it is trying to get a few minute to yourself with kiddos running around. For me the fact that I could read this book without interrupting our families schedule was huge. I hope you enjoy the read! (:

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