When your heart needs encouragement, who do you turn to? 

I’d love to say that my loved ones hit it on the nail every time when it comes to perfectly encouraging my heart. Being married has taught me to expect otherwise. The truth is my husband won’t always have the perfect words. It’s nothing against him. We’re just all imperfect people. It doesn’t make any sense to look to imperfect people to bring your heart to perfect wholeness.

The BEST, and most times, the only person I can encounter for even just moments and feel refreshed and renewed is Jesus. And one of my favorite ways to draw close to Him is through music.

Today I am sharing with my personal worship playlist that helps me do just that.

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14 Songs to Encourage Your Heart

Take me straight to the playlist!

1. Faithful to the End – Bethel Music

From the album Have It All . The first time I heard this song I was instantly caught in the lyrics. Tell me if these lyrics don’t captivate you.

“We’re heaven-spun creations, His pride, and adoration, Treasures woven by his love. His careful hands they hold us Safe within His promise Of calling and of destiny.”

This song encourages my heart by reminding me of exactly just how precious I am to God. I’m His pride, His adoration, a treasure. I just love that.

2. Closer (All of Me) – Brendan Hollis

From Brendan’s most recent album Secret Place

This song takes me back to one of the most basic principles of my relationship with God; the fact that He’s enough of me.

“All I bring is all of me. And all I need is You, Jesus.. I need to be closer to where you are.” 

I hear that chorus and I remember.

3. Hold on to Me – Elevation Worship

From the album Here As In Heaven. This one <3 This is for the brokenhearted. I can’t even find the words to explain how powerful this song is. Your just going to have to listen to it. In fact, if your heart is in that place of brokenness or loneliness, I encourage you to make this your anthem.

4. Stars – Skillet

From the album Unleashed. Truth be told I’m shocked a Skillet song on this playlist. they make great music but Skillet isn’t typically known for worship melodies. I think what did it for me was hearing the band’s commentary on the song (which seems to only be available via Spotify).

5. Broken Places – Plumb

From the album Exhale.

6. Pieces – Bethel Music

From the album Have It All. Again, this song taps into the very nature of God as Love and it is INCREDIBLE.

“Unreserved, unrestrained. Your love is wild, Your love is wild for me. It isn’t shy, it’s unashamed. Your love is proud to be seen with me.” 

That pretty much says it all.

7. Beautiful Things – Gungor

No matter how bad things may seem, God can make something beautiful out of it. That’s what this song from the album Beautiful Things reminds me of.

8. Chain Breaker – Zach Williams

This is one of those songs that reminds me my circumstances can’t have me, and pain can’t claim me. My God makes a way for the impossible to be possible. That’s a truth we all need to sip on on occasion.

From the album Chain Breaker.

9. Tonight – All Sons & Daughters

This song is from the album “All Sons & Daughters. Unfortunately the album doesn’t appear to be available via Amazon. But it is on Spotify and you can hear it on my free playlist too!

Download my playlist: 14 Songs to Encourage Your Heart

10. Beloved – Jordan Feliz

This one is especially for the ladies <3 After all, it was written for his daughter. That tells us a little about where his heart was at when writing this. These same words apply to you too! “You are beloved, let it soak into your soul.”

From the album Beloved.

11. What Faith Can Do – Kutless

If you’re needing some hope to get you through the night – this is the song for that.

From the album That’s What Faith Can Do.

12. Faith to be Strong – Andrew Peterson

From the album After All These Years: A Collection

13. Just Be Held – Casting Crowns

“When you’re on your knees and answers seem so far away; you’re not alone. Stop holding on and just be held. Your worlds not falling apart; it’s falling into place. I’m on the throne. Stop holding on and just be held.”

Mm, yup. That about sums that up.

From the album Thrive.

14. I Am Not Alone [Revisited] – Kari Jobe

From the album Majestic (Revisited)


I have listened to this playlist almost every day this week. It helps me draw close to God the moments I would usually do otherwise. I’m telling ya friends, worship changes things! It feeds your soul and pulls you closer to the God who desires nothing more than to be close to you. He seriously wants you! Every song on this playlist was created to remind you of that.

So download this playlist, press into God, and enjoy His presence. Let Him encourage your heart.

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