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52 (Inexpensive) At Home Date Nights

When date night feels like mission impossible it's time to try 52 Dates for Two. You'll be able to plan, schedule, and ENJOY date night again, no pressure. @mrslotanner

When date night feels like mission impossible it's time to try 52 Dates for Two. You'll be able to plan, schedule, and ENJOY date night again, no pressure. @mrslotanner

When date night feels like mission impossible it's time to try 52 Dates for Two. You'll be able to plan, schedule, and ENJOY date night again, no pressure. @mrslotanner

Alright, raise your hand if you love date night but hate planning date night? I’m with you. It’s hard to find the time to hunt down and plan date nights even when you do carve out time in your busy schedule to actually do the date night.

Getting out of the house and alone with my husband feels like mission impossible. It takes SO. MUCH. EFFORT.  Not to mention money.

Now trust me, I love my husband and enjoy date nights, but I’m not about to break the bank trying to make date nights work. Do you know what I mean? That’s not a scenario that fits into our family goals. So I’ve had to get creative with what date night looks like for us.

At Home With My Hot Date

There’s nothing wrong with leaving the house for date nights. What I really enjoy though, above going out, is finding fun ways to make memories at home. To me, that’s part of building a home.

So I went for it. I came up with a list of 52 at home date night activities that are extremely budget friendly and are sure to initiate a ton of fun and laughter.

You’re probably going to want to write these down.

When a date night out  feels like mission impossible it's time to try these at home dates night ideas. You'll be able to plan, schedule, and ENJOY date night again, no pressure. @mrslotanner

52 Ideas For A Fun Date Night In

1 | Craft A Bucket List! It could be a travel list, a list of summer dates, a list of things you’ve always wanted to try but never had a chance to do. Whatever it is, make the list! You’d be surprised how much conversation this initiates. Not only that but it gives you an opportunity to explore the adventure your future may hold.

2 | Late Night Dinner by Candle Light

3 | Architecture Date. Design a structure using toothpicks and marshmallows (both things you can snag for cheap at a dollar store!)

4 | Paint night! Grab some paint canvases, turn YouTube (to learn) or your inner Rober Norman Ross (google him!) and paint away!

5 | Netflix and chill! Or Hulu. Hulu is pretty cool too and it even allows you to keep up with current tv shows or sports events… like football (in case your man is a football fan).

Try Hulu for free with my referral link!

6 | Make Your Own Pizza Night

7 | Dinner Around the World! Try a dish from a country on your traveling bucket list.

8 | Read a book together. Something like The 5 Love Languages. Or search your library for something a bit exciting that you would both enjoy.

9 | Take a shower together.

10 | Enjoy a steamy bubble bath! A few drops of essential oils or a scented bath bomb will take that to a whole new level.

11 | Scrapbook! Chances are you’ve got a ton of family memories just waiting to make it into a memory book. Why not take a night to put one together and reminisce? I LOVE this scrapbook for couples on Amazon. This one for families is really cute too!

Story of Us Embossed Scrapbook Album for Couples.Story of Us Embossed Scrapbook Album for Couples.Story of Us Embossed Scrapbook Album for Couples.Americanflat Embroidered Photo AlbumAmericanflat Embroidered Photo AlbumAmericanflat Embroidered Photo Album

12 | Pursue God together (have a prayer night, read a devotional, read your Bible). If you’re looking for a good read about marriage for Christian couples, Sacred Marriage by Gary L. Thomas is phenomenal.

13 | Take a walk around the neighborhood.

14 | Have a night of dice games. 

15 | Add some flair to a traditional card game like Uno! Each of you gets to implement two new rules of your choice. Be a silly, serious, or creative as you’d like.

16 | Craft a mission statement for your marriage.

17 | Pick an area you’d like to grow together in and study it TOGETHER. Money management, communication, etc.

18 | Write a short story (or a series of them) together.

19 | Listen to an audiobook. Put your feet up, drink some wine, and take notes. At the end of 20 minutes talk about what you’ve learned together. We use audible for stuff like this. Did you know you get a free audiobook just for joining? That’s how we got started.

Grab your audiobook and free 30-day trial of Audible here!

Audible MembershipAudible MembershipAudible Membership

20 | Visit each other’s childhood by introducing a favorite childhood movie.

21 | Play 20 questions (another fun game to get creative with).

22 | Camp out in the living room! Grab a sleeping bag, some flashlights, and your favorite campfire games and camp out in the living room.

23 | Create a playlist of the songs you enjoyed back when you first met. Bonus points if this date includes a dance!

24 | Constellation search! Print out a list of constellations and see how many you can find together. This book has over 88 constellations in it. Get to searching!

25 | Play “Would You Rather?” Take ten minutes to write up a list of questions (would you rather __A__ or __B__?) for your spouse. Take turns answering each other’s questions.

26 | A Night of Word Games! Pull out the Mad Libs, word searches, and crossword puzzles. Work together to finish them or set a timer to compete for the grand prize. The choice is yours!

27 | Take on a new interest! What’s something new you’ve always been interested in? Hope online together and start learning together!

28 | DIY Spa night! Enjoy a night of creating your own body scrubs and sugar rubs! Make sure to at least try them before the night is over! 

29 | Create a family vision board!

30 | Pop in a workout and get moving together. You know what they say, “the couple who sweats together slays (stays) together.

31 | Dessert Night! Fill the counters with your favorite desserts and enjoy! You can have dinner after ;p

32 | Crazy taco night! Find an out of the box taco recipe on Pinterest and go for it!

33 | Sketch self-portraits of each other! Be sure to take a picture of your work and the real thing!

34 | Meal prep together. Why not take a mundane task and have some fun doing it?

35 | Roast marshamellows over a fire (or bbq.. or stove top. Yes, I’ve done that! haha!)

36 | Exchange foot rubs.

37 | Make your own massage oil!

38 | Have an outdoor picnic dinner.

39 | Dream together. Talk about where you see yourselves in the next 5, 10, 15 or 50 years (individually as a couple, and as a family).

40 | Dream up a solution to a “bigger than you” problem.

41 | Plan a couples date night.

42 | Build a fort together.

43 | Cook a new dinner recipe together.

44 | Paint your own couples coffee mugs!

45 | Start a 1000 piece puzzle! Use one of these fancy things to keep the portion of the puzzle you finish in tact until the next puzzle date.

46 | Watch a comedy. 

47 | Start a DIY project! One of my favorite memories with my husband is building our boys’ triple bunk bed together.

48 | Make a popcorn buffet! We use these to flavor our popcorn. You can mix and match to make your own flavors or use the flavors as they are.

49 | Make your own coffee creamer! I did this once and was actually pleasantly surprised by the taste AND the money we saved by doing it ourselves.

50 | Plant and pot your favorite flowers and herbs.

51 | Pick one person to be a blessing to and put together a care packet for them. 

52 | Craft a love letter to your partner. Sit across the table from each other and write your hearts out. No peeking! Save your letters to read together during your next at home date.

So many good date night ideas! 

And the fact that they are inexpensive only makes me that much more excited for them! I hope you found these ideas helpful. Date night doesn’t have to end when you welcome littles into your home. A little creativity goes a long way. 

I’m challening you to take the first step and create a bucket list of date ideas. Snag your hubby, grab some wine, dream up a storm of fun ideas , and  enjoy your hot date!  😉 

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    1. I can imagine! We are adjusting to limited screen time too. Its has its challenging days but when we take a second to get creative its a lot of fun.

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