Alright, raise your hand if you love date night but hate planning date night? I’m with you. It’s hard to find the time to hunt down and plan date nights even when you do carve out time in your busy schedule to actually do the date night.

I’m a mom of three kids under five and for me, getting out of the house and alone with my husband feels like mission impossible. It takes SO. MUCH. EFFORT.  Not to mention money.

Now trust me, I love my husband and enjoy date nights, but I’m not about to break the bank trying to make date nights work. You know what I mean? That’s not a scenario that fits into our family goals. I needed an easy solution to making date night happen, so I turned to my favorite choice for help with date night: The Dating Divas, and came across 52 Dates for Two!

When date night feels like mission impossible it's time to try 52 Dates for Two. You'll be able to plan, schedule, and ENJOY date night again, no pressure. @mrslotanner

52 Dates for Two


Here’s a peek at my Date Book! I had so much fun making this! It really was quick and simple and I am STOKED to start these weekly date nights with my man!

A Date for Every Week of the Year

52 Dates for Two is a printable kit that provides 52 date ideas for couples. It helps me plan and organize each date in advance so there aren’t any road bumps when it comes time to leave for our hot dates. I’ve literally got a date for every week of the next year. I seriously scored big time!

52 Date Night Ideas for Two |

All I had to do was print and cut the set of cards, place them in a binder (or you could use a photo album) and find a permanent home for our dear Date Book on our bedroom shelf.  We won’t ever miss a date night again! — okay, okay there will probably still be just a couple of weeks that get crazy. But this pack is going to make such a huge difference!

Just check out what the 52 Dates for Two pack includes:

  • 52 Weekly Date Night Cards – A date night idea for each week of the year.
  • Blank Date Night Cards – Customizable cards to include a few, more personal dates.
  • 16 Bonus Date Cards – For more weekly date night ideas to choose from.
  • Steps & Tips for a Photo Album – Create an easy way to track your date night memories.

I love staying organized, so the date night cards are perfect for me. They’re simple and easy to use. And they make scheduling date night so easy!

To help with choosing a date that’s perfect for each week, the date night cards have these perfect little checklists at the top. That way, if I know we can’t get a sitter we can choose an “At Home” date. Or if we’re a little strapped for cash we can be sure to pick a “Free” date.

Our anniversary is coming up so I’m adding the date night cards to a photo album and giving this as a year of dates to my husband {and to myself}!

The pack even includes a few gift tag options to introduce the gift idea in a cute way.

Use these gift tags to give your husband the gift of weekly date nights with 52 Dates for Two from the Dating Divas. @mrslotanner

Creating Date Nights to Remember

Once we actually go on the dates, we’re going to try to remember to take pictures and add them to the album. I feel like this gift is a win-win. We’ll have date ideas for a year and then a photo album of all the memories at the end of it.

I’m really excited to try the water gun date. And I love the idea of putting the kids to bed and then gearing up to enjoy the scavenger hunt date at home.

Creating a year of memories while enjoying a year of hot dates through the Dating Divas 52 Dates for Two Kit @mrslotanner

There’s a vacation planning date which is going to come in handy for us in a few months! And get this, there’s even a chocolate tasting date. I’m thinking the Dating Divas nailed this date night package! I’m really excited about sorting through ours.  A year of simple, creative, one-of-a-kind dates like these sound like heaven in a box to me.

It’s so simple to get started! Just grab 52 Dates for Two  and be ready to enjoy a year of hot dates with your hubby. Don’t forget to come back and tell me how it goes!

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