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about author, educator, and joy enthusiast Lo Tanner @mrslotanner

Hi, I’m Alonda!

I also go by Lo Tanner.

I’m an Alaska Grown wife and mom, with an ever-growing love for Jesus, books, and sparkling cider. Most days you can find me in our cozy mountainside home, with the wood stove rolling, dessert baking and way too many Pinterest projects spread out over the counter. I am mostly known for my beyond goofy laugh and ability to make almost anyone smile.

People often refer to me as the girl who is always writing and they’re not wrong. I enjoy writing as much as I do laughing. Both are necessities in my book!

I love serving the world by creating free education and resources that inspire women to embrace their God-given identity and help them live faith-filled, purpose-driven lives.

The things I’m most passionate about in life are marriage and promoting healthy positive marriages, sharing about identity and self-imagine; the truth about who we are as Daughters of God, and helping other people see that no matter where  we’re at in life; the valley, the mountain, or the terrain in between; we have the ability to make a difference in the world.

When I’m not busy typing up a storm you can find me relaxing, either park side or riverside, with my four main men (my husband and our boys).

As a Christian writer and author, I’ve been featured in Tiffany Montgomery’s 31 Days to Reclaiming Your Marriage, as well as on Christian Living Blogs such as True Agape, Grey Ministries, Her Sword, and Rosevine Cottage Girls.

I’m stoked to meet you!!

And excited to have you in our Life and Faith Community!

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