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If you’ve ever struggled with studying your Bible this post is for you! Short, simple, and to the point; here are three Bible study habits that will transform your study life.
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1. Use Color. 

I use highlighters and colored tabs to mark key points. This is probably my favorite part of studying. It’s like coloring yet more purposeful. On a serious note, though, using color to help sort through what I’m learning makes a huge difference.

The system I use helps me keep track of important verses that I want to memorize or pray over my life. My Bible Study Color Key includes the following topics:

Wife, Mom, and Women by God’s design
Characteristics of Christ-followers
Promises & Blessings
Warnings & Urgent Notes
Names & Characteristics of God

Important Notes to Remember

Each category has a color assigned to it.  So anytime I need to find encouragement for a particular area of my life; say motherhood, for example, I can find it no problem by turning to the pages marked by pink tabs and verses highlighted in pink ink.  Simple enough, right?

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2. Keep A Journal (or notebook) with your Bible.

I think one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made when studying the Bible is thinking that I can hold all that I learn in my head. The truth of the matter is, it takes a bit more than just reading God’s word for it to stick with me. It takes repetition and application. For me, that means writing out my notes. Taking written notes helps me cement what I just read in my mind. The longer it is on my mind, the more I meditate on it. The more I more I meditate on it the more likely I am to keep it. Having a notebook close by to help me capture my thoughts and understanding of what I’ve read is a no-brainer for me.

Rejoice in the Lord Always - Christian Journal


3. Find Someone To Keep You Accountable

I can tell you from personal experience, years of going through the motions myself, it can be really easy to get complacent with our Christian walk, especially when it comes to reading the Bible. I don’t know about you, but I know for me there’s always something, some task that somehow makes itself seem so important that my Bible study has to wait… and it shouldn’t be like that. Thankfully, I found a solution that works really well for me. It’s called accountability.

I’ve got some really awesome women in my corner who help me stay on track when it comes to spending time in God’s Word. They check in with me, encourage me, and chat with me about what I’m learning. Having people to be accountable to has really helped me grow in this area. My advice to you is to find someone who can do that same thing for you.

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 4. Start Your Study With A Prayer

Confession – I don’t always start my time in the Bible with prayer. There are days where for whatever reason, prayer is the last thing on my mind. I’ll make my tea, turn on my happy lamp,  flip open my Bible, and just go. I may get a little something out of it, but most days it feels stale. I could read a verse four or five times and not get anything out of it.

Starting my devotionals with prayer is my way of getting my mindset on God, inviting Him to teach and speak to me, and surrendering that time to Him. That’s my way of saying, “Jesus, you take the lead here. What do you want me to hear from you?” And most times, I come out having actually gained something. I give Him my time and attention and in return, He shares His heart with me. That, my friends, is golden.

What are some simple tricks you use to get the most your of your Bible Study?

8 thoughts on “3 Bible Study Habits That Will Change Your Life”

  1. I have never been a highlight in my Bible kind of girl. But I got a Kay Arthur Precepts Study Bible and I’ve tried coloring the words the way they suggest. It definitely make the study more meaningful.

  2. I just recently started using colored pencils with my study of the Bible, and I really like it. It makes the words kind of jump out at you.

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