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Enjoying the Many Seasons of Marriage

I would tell them that each relationship is like a ladder.  I named it the “Intimacy Ladder.”  The bottom rung is for playful conversation and flirting.  On this rung with a member of the opposite sex, all feels exhilarating.  Playful conversations, learning how to truly listen to another person and discovering the sameness in you both is a great rung to be on!  It is also a great place in “the river.”  It should not be rushed past, but instead relished. 

The only secret I would recommend keeping that could genuinely build your marriage. A post by Patty H. Scott. http://www.lotanner.com/with-purpose-secret-husband-project @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

The Secret That Can Help You Build Your Marriage

The most amazing things started to happen between my husband and me as I continued to sprinkle blessings into his life on a daily basis. I felt more connected to him. Our romance increased. He seemed more confident and relaxed. I hadn’t anticipated these benefits, as I knew better than to go into an endeavor like this with a boatload of expectations.

Making space for marital intimacy (in every form) by creating and protecting the marriage bedroom. A post by Tina Crawford http://www.lotanner.com/with-purpose-marriage-bedroom @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

Being Purposeful In the Marriage Bedroom

If you are anything like me, you probably never realized how important and purposeful your marriage bedroom is to your marriage. It took me many years to realize the change that I would see and feel when I changed the way I looked at “our space.”

The Perfect Productivity Tool {GIVEAWAY}

Ready for some honest? In my experience, most of the stumbling blocks we face when pursuing our goals and passions aren’t circumstantial. I used to think if only I knew the right people, if only I had a bigger following, if only I had a bigger budget;  as if those things were the factors that would determine whether or not I was going to be successful.