Practical ways to become more intentional about teaching your children to follow Jesus. A post by Jessie Mattis. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

How To Be Intentional About Raising Kids Who Follow Jesus

Think with me a moment about your parenting goals. Are your goals to raise … Happy kids? Empathetic kids? Socially aware kids who can change the world? Intelligent kids who can succeed in their future jobs? All great things, to be sure! However, too often in our “survival mode” of day-in-day-out motherhood, we lose sight of what our main goal should actually be.

Need hope in your marriage. Here are 3 ways to go about praying for your spouse plus a 31 day challenge to help you get started. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose #withpurpose2019

Praying For Your Spouse and Marriage

It’s one thing to know that prayer is the answer. It’s another thing to understand what exactly it you’re praying for or even how to pray. I know some people cringe when conversations like, “how to pray,” come up, but honestly, how we pray matters! There may not be a universal script or law book for prayer but there are things that we can do to prepare our hearts for prayer and the changes that God brings as a result of our prayers. These three tips can help you navigate your prayers when praying for your spouse while also setting the standard of Christ as foundation for your marriage. 

The Perfect Productivity Tool {GIVEAWAY}

Ready for some honest? In my experience, most of the stumbling blocks we face when pursuing our goals and passions aren’t circumstantial. I used to think if only I knew the right people, if only I had a bigger following, if only I had a bigger budget;  as if those things were the factors that would determine whether or not I was going to be successful. 

Do you hide God's light in the darkness of this world? For our light to shine we must go into the darkness and be a light for Christ. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

Do You Hide God’s Light In The Darkness?

As I have come to know and experience the love of Jesus, I could know longer ignore the questions that were tugging at my heart. Questions such as…

Why would a loving God who sent Jesus to save the world; HIDE from the people He came to save?

Why would Halloween be referenced as the devil’s day; when God’s word says, “This is the day the Lord has made I will rejoice and be glad in it”?

Why would we tell our kids to lie, by pretending we were not at home? 

Encouragement for the women who is struggling to walk in faith. A post by Val Gibson.

How to Walk In Faith When When What’s Next Is Unknown

I love how this works. He gives us a task, enables us to do it and then we not only receive the fruit of the outcome but we get to experience the sheer joy of obedience, the knowledge that the Father spoke, led us and met us in a beautiful way.  It’s the choice to leap off a cliff and into the safety of His arms-doubts and imperfect faith included-and feel His embrace as He catches us.