Having a hard time sticking to your resolution? These 4 Tips that can help you become part of the 8% of people CRUSHING their New Years goals. http://www.lotanner.com/new-years-goals @mrslotanner

4 Tips to Help You Crush Your New Years Goals

Are you having a hard time sticking to your newly set New Years goals? Don’t take it personally. It’s not you. Statistically speaking, most people don’t ever accomplish the resolutions they made New Year’s day.  According to Forbes only 8% of…

The 5 Love Languages of Children @mrslotanner

The 5 Love Languages of Children

“.. Let us not love in words words or tongue but with action and in truth.” There’s a weight in these words that has been cemented in my soul and engraved in my mind. There’s an urgency in these words. I think…

When to let go of dating relationship. If your partner can't get behind you on these 4 mindsets.. you've may have stumbled on some relationship deal breakers #dating lotanner.com/relationship-deal-breakers/ @mrslotanner

4 Dating Mindsets That Equate to Relationship Deal Breakers

If Jesus finds you worth dying for, whoever you end up spending forever with should have no problem believing that you are worth protecting. Your character is worth protecting, your heart is worth protecting, your relationship is worth protecting, and your values are worth honoring.

The Relationships You Keep. #allthatmotivates http://wp.me/p4MPm4-KA

The Relationships You Keep

The first piece of advice I would give young women about dating relationship is to place God first. God should be the foundation of our relationships. He should be the glue. The second piece of advice I would give women…

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