15 Stellar tips + 35 incredible date night ideas for you can use if you're husband's love language is Quality Time. Trust me, you can master this love language! http://www.lotanner.com/love-languages-quality-time @mrslotanner

50 Ways to Love Your Husband Using Quality Time

Want to Know The Secret to Nurturing An Enjoyable, Purposeful, and lasting marriage? Sang my free guide for wives and learn over 200 ways to nurture your marriage friendship (based on the 5 Love Languages)! Yes! Send me the Guide!…

50 fun, creative, and inexpensive (and even free) ideas that can help you master the love language of gifts within your marriage. http://www.lotanner.com/love-languages-gifts @mrslotanner

50 Ways to Love Your Husband Using Gifts

Gifts. You had to have known that was coming, right? We’ve talked about Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, and Acts of Service. It only makes sense that somewhere in the category of Love Languages you would gifts. Can I be…

3 Love Language Myths you've probably fallen for and the not so obvious truths you should replace them with. Based on the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. http://www.lotanner.com/3-love-languages-myths @mrslotanner

3 Love Languages Myths + The Truths to Replace Them

 Join the 5 Love Languages Challenge!  The 5 Love Languages is a great tool for anyone looking for an effective way to show their spouse that they’re loved in the way they best receive love. Unfortunately, there are a lot…

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