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CONFESSION – Sometimes I push my home into chaos with my attitude. I don’t always mean to.. but sometimes I do. Sometimes it’s intentional. It’s my way of saying, “I can’t deal right now.” Other days not so much.

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Growing up I was always taught that women set the tone for their homes.

After becoming a wife I hated hearing that statement because I felt like it put far too much responsibility on my shoulders. Somedays I still feel that way, but what I’ve found through practice and some application is that this statement couldn’t be more right. Women set the tone.

Influencing the Atmosphere

In my home, I influence the atmosphere. My decision to intentionally act versus thoughtlessly react makes all the difference. The decision to maintain a heart of worship instead of wear the emotions that reflect the hurt in my heart makes all the difference. My choice to sulk in unforgiveness versus joy and reconciliation makes all the difference.

Pursuing Peace

“Therefore let us pursue the things which make for peace and the things by which one may edify another.” Romans 14:19

There is something about the influence of a God fearing wife that changes the atmosphere. There’s a peace that comes from her that simply can’t be replicated. She’s committed to nurturing a connection with here family, uplifting them, encouraging them, and living peaceably with them.

I haven’t mastered the art of this. It can be really difficult to take control of the atmosphere instead of letting the atmosphere control me. Human nature and everything the world teaches tells us that we have the right to be mad, the right to hold grudges, the right to get stuck in unforgiveness, and sometimes even the right to revenge. That’s not God’s heart.

When that kind of darkness comes in it’s our job to light the candle; change the atmosphere. These 5 Tricks help me do just that.

5 Ways to Change the Atmosphere In Your Home


1. Invite God Into It.

In other words; pray. I very strongly believe in the power of prayer. Not just because it’s the Christian thing to do, or because the Bible tells us to; but because I have seen the power of prayer at work in my home, my life, my marriage; everywhere. And it’s incredible. The Bible tells us that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. That means any bondage that has held onto us has no choice but to fall off of us. Offense is bondage. Unforgiveness is bondage. Bitterness is bondage. Throw those things out and let God move in. Invite Him to change the atmosphere in your home.

2. Light Some Candles. 

This is more of a symbolic thing for me than anything else. The Bible says in John 1:5,

the light shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it.” 

Some versions say, “the light can not overcome it.” So when I feel that spirit of darkness creeping through I shine some light on it (literally). That, and I have a thing for aromatherapy and my candles smell really good. 

3. Speak Life. 

Not just over the situation or how you feel; but over all of the people involved too. Offense is one of the enemy’s most powerful tools. It creates division like nobody’s business. Imagine how you would feel knowing you’ve got a “grand” task ahead of you and your most powerful tool for accomplishing that task has just been destroyed? That’s how the enemy feels when we begin to speak life over the people and circumstances He aligned to hurt us. The words you speak matter!

If this is an area you struggle with you might want to check out this post for 7 scriptures and 7 prayers to help you take control of what you speak.

4. Sing It Out. 

Okay so, you probably don’t have to sing if you don’t really want to, BUT.. I think God has a special place in His heart for our voices. I mean, think about it. What did the Israelites do before the walls of Jericho fell, they played their instruments and shouted. David (a man after God’s own heart) constantly used His mouth for praise. In his writings he directs us multiple time (both in hardship and in well-being) to “sing unto the Lord,” “Sing a new song.” All this to say, your voice is a key tool in ushering in a peaceful atmosphere. Use it!

5. Be First. 

Be the first to forgive; even if no one asks your forgiveness. Be the first to apologize; even if you feel you were in the right. Choose connection over pride. Always protect the heart connection of those you interact with. Be the first to run to their hearts defense. Remember God is a God of relationship and connection. If our goal is to be a reflection of Christ then we should be people of relationships and connection. We should be an extension of His love and grace. We should be showing people what mercy looks like, how forgiveness feels, and how love endures. So be the first to run to their hearts defense and trust as you step out and honor God He is defending yours.

What actions do you take to create a peaceful, safe, homey atmosphere in your home?

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22 thoughts on “5 Ways to Change the Atmosphere In Your Home”

  1. This post was really encouraging for me. I have the gift of words, but I strongly believe that it’s also my greatest weakness. I KNOW I have the power to either uplift or cut down, but it’s so easy to cut down… especially when I feel disappointed by something my husband has done. I need to remember the power I have to affect the mood of my household. That’s something I never really thought about before.

  2. Great practical suggestions that I tend to use as a last resort to restore peace, instead of establishing a routine of peace to begin with. One verse that gets me through the mundane housework is: “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.” – Colossians 3:23.. It definitely changes my attitude when I stop and think about my actions throughout the day.

  3. Love the Sing It Out! A new perspective for this heart. I never thought about how worship became tainted after the fall. It is so true about the music of today losing its power….Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Such wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement… and I have also believed that a women sets the tone of the home … I remember when I was “scrambling” and hollering at everyone and rushing around – when I was a young working mother – it was chaos and I was often the culprit of most of it! Yikes….. slowing down, speaking encouraging words, and just trying to stay calm is so important! Great post!

  5. I loved this! What great realizations and wise pieces of advice for how to lead a house towards an atmosphere of worship and righteousness. Thanks for sharing!

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