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4 character traits to look for when choosing a good friend and building a solid friendship. @mrslotanner

Does your friend share your faith? When I look back at the friends that I’ve had throughout my life I can tell you right now not all of them were Christians. Some wore the title but didn’t live the life, and others were very blatant and bold in their choice to not believe or simply not to care.

Let’s be clear, I would never shut down a friendship due to a difference in beliefs. That’s not God’s love. But I can say, of all the friendships that have come and gone, the strongest of them were the ones where we had our faith in common and Christ was part of the relationship.

Navigation healthy friendships. 4 questions to ask and character traits to look for when choosing a good friend and building a solid friendship. @mrslotanner

4 Quality Character Traits That You Need In A Good Friend

There are a lot of reasons why having friends who share your beliefs is so valuable. They know how to speak positively into your life in a way that others don’t. The good in you becomes more and more evident in their presence. They give you space to be genuine instead of expecting you to be “polished” to perfection.

When an issue arises I know I can speak without fear of being judged. I know I have a someone who will listen, and a friend who will be quick to pray. There will always be someone to keep me accountable and encourage spiritual and personal growth in me. It’s easier for those who understand your standard of living to keep you accountable to it.

But like I said before, faith isn’t everything in a friendship. You can have great friends that hold different beliefs than you do. Their character is what will truly make the difference.

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Today we are traveling to, Kara’s Blog, Joy Because Grace, where I was invited to talk about the 4 characteristics we want to look for when choosing a  good friend and building healthy friendships. Kara is a college grad and now Spanish teacher who uses her blog to ” relationships, singleness, friendships, encouragement in the Christian faith, and a few posts here and there about my life.”

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Be sure to keep with Kara and catch the encouragement she shares for women of faith.

4 character traits to look for when choosing a good friend and building a solid friendship. @mrslotanner



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