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Are you creating social media content that keeps your audience engaged?

It’s one thing to write a STELLAR blog post. It’s another to create an engaging social media post. And in order for you to grow your social media audience and really impact people with your content, you have to do more than just get your content out there. You want to find ways to get your readers interacting with your social media posts. I’ve got 10 tips that are going to help you create engagement on social media so that you can grow and retain your audience. But first, let’s make sure we’re building off of a solid foundation, shall we?

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Having trouble retaining the attention of your social media audience? Here are 10 free ways to create engagement on social media posts so your readers stick around. @mrslotanner

How to Create Engagement and Conversation on Social Media

Before we dive into the 10 tips that can help you create engagement and conversations on your social media accounts, there are two questions about your audience that you need to have the answers to.

1. Where IS your audience?

What social media platforms are they using? Of the platforms they’re using, which has the higher conversion rate (which platform does the best job turning readers into members or customers)?

Whatever platform that is for you (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, What’s App, Pinterest, etc.) that is the platform that you want to pay special attention. It’s already working its magic by bringing readers to your blog. Getting specific with these 10 tips will help you capitalize on that.

2. What sort of content does your audience EXPECT from you?

One of the biggest mistakes I see bloggers making is straying away from their pillars; offering content that their audience has no interest in and didn’t sign up to receive.

For these 10 tips to be effective it’s imperative that you are delivering relevant content.

Ok, so now that we’ve laid that foundation, let’s talk about the tips that can help you create engagement on social media.

Having trouble retaining the attention of your social media audience? Here are 10 free ways to create engagement on social media posts so your readers stick around. @mrslotanner

10 Ways to Create Engagement On Social Media Posts

10 Social Media Engagement Hacks!

1. Ask a question.

Not only does asking questions give you a chance to get to know your audience, it’s also an organic way to increase your page views on most any social media platform. The more people respond to your questions, the higher your visibility becomes.  So ask questions! Preferably ones that require more than a yes or no answer (save those for your Instagram stories).

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2. Tell A Story.

Stories are great because they give people a chance to relate to you and share in your life. People want to see you. Not necessarily the polished, “all business all the time you.” They want to know the real you.

3. Share a Fact.

People love to soak up information! Especially about things that matter most to them or is relevant to their lifestyle. Now, that doesn’t mean you start spewing facts all over your Facebook page. But you can add value to your posts by sharing a fact that you learned and how it impacted you. Fact + Story.

4. Encourage A Laugh

We could all use a little laugh every now and then. This tip doesn’t need much of an explanation, but I will caution you to make sure your humor is appropriate for your audience. Use discretion. This tip works extremely well in my Facebook groups!

5. Share A Helpful Tip

Some of my most popular social media content came from live videos where I shared tips and solutions with people in my community. I usually follow up those live videos with a social media post because those are the types of things people like to share on social media. The more your content is shared, the more people it will reach.


Get more free blogging tips and resources in our online blogging community. 

6. Live Videos

Want to really captivate your fans? Create a live video! This may vary depending on the social media platform. For example, when I go live on Facebook it can literally TRIPPLE my organic Facebook reach. However, I have yet to have that same experience on Instagram. So, like mentioned before, it’s important to know where your audience is at so that you can bring content to them in a way that works BEST for the platform they are on.

7. Share about something you loved!

This is another way to start a conversation on your social media page. But can I give you quick tip? Don’t just share your experience, ask others to chime in with theirs as well! Say you’re in the process of reading a book like “Girl, Wash Your Face” (which I absolutely am) and you’re loving what you’re reading (so far so good!) share that with people, and ask them what their experience was like. Did they like it? Was it helpful? Have they read similar books? What other books or resources do they love? Chat it up and watch your engagement grow!

8. Tell readers what you need from them.

The majority of people who participate in social media are passive users; meaning, they won’t interact with a post unless you tell them to. So tell them to. Ask them to share their input or even to give advice.  Ask them to share your post or tag their friends so their friends can leave their answers too. Ask, ask, ask!

9. Share valuable/relatable content from other bloggers or influencers.

When you find a blog post or social media post that you really enjoy share it with your audience and tag the original author/creator in your post! Most creators are happy to swing by and show your post some love (especially since they benefit from the exposure)!

10. Own your voice and your story.

People can tell when you’re being authentic and when you’re trying to add some juice to your story. I want to encourage you to NOT get caught up in the comparison game. Your story is unique and purposeful. And no matter what chapter of your story you’re in, it’s still developing. So be honest about that. Be transparent. Let others know that it’s ok to be who they are even if it’s not who people expect you to be. be real, and lead by example. Your readers can tell when you aren’t.

Why Ads Won’t Fix The Problem

Placing ads on social media can certainly help you gain exposure. However, if your content isn’t engaging and doesn’t connect with your audience, you’ll essentially be wasting your dollars. You’ll be spending money on ads that don’t convert to sales or a growing audience. Before you pour money into running social media ads make sure the content you are wanting to promote encourages authentic engagement from your audience. 

So tell me, which of these strategies do you plan on implementing today? Share it with us in the comments!

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