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Want to know a secret? I didn’t start celebrating Valentine’s Day until about two years into my marriage. I thought it was the most cliche and overrated holiday out there. Sometimes I still do. Sometimes it all just seems so commercial. Little red dress (or little black dress), roses, flowers, dinner and a movie. Chocolates and teddy bears. For some people that’s perfect, but for me, it’s all a bit much. I wanted to try something different. Something creative that neither of us had done before. When I came across these DIY Date Ideas from the Dating Divas I knew I had found  EXACTLY what I was looking for! There are two that really caught my eye. They’re fun, romantic, and maybe even a little bit steamy (who says marriage can’t be steamy?). Well, I can’t in good conscience keep them to myself, so today, I’m going to share them with you!

A Week of  Hot DIY Dates for You And Your Valentine

What really resonated with me when I first saw these DIY ideas is that they are not just a one and done kind of Valentines Day. These kits have you celebrating your love for each other all week long! For me, that’s really important.  I want my LIFE to reflect the love I have for my husband. And I love that these kits can teach you how to foster a marriage that makes every day special, and not just Valentines Day. Ok, enough talk. Let’s get talking about these date nights!

Treat Your Man to A Week of Spoiling

This is a great way to lead up to Valentines Day! You could call it a countdown I guess. Or a fabulous week of incredible Valentines Day Dates. It’s called 7 Days of Spoiling. We learned a while ago that material gifts just aren’t really our thing. We’ve worked so hard to declutter our home, we want to keep it looking clean and spacious (it’s amazing how spacious your home looks when it’s not full of stuff). The gift of spoiling your spouse means that you’re giving the gift of experiences, ones that you can both enjoy together. 

7 Days of Spoiling

You know what I love about it?! It’s 100% customizable! That’s about as personal and heartfelt a gift as you can give. You choose ways to spoil your spouse that match their tastes and interests. It’s really easy to assemble and it’s a digital product so you could print it off now and have it ready to set out for the big day, OR if you’re the procrastinating type (no judgment here ;p ) you can throw it together last minute. He’ll never know!

I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve ordered gifts for my husband using the quickest (and most expensive) delivery method available because I waited until the very last second. With this gift, I can keep my money in my pocket and can almost guarantee that my man is going to have the best Valentine gift on the block!

Get 7 Days of Spoiling Here!

I love coming across resources like these! Budget friendly, creative, romantic. They seriously cover all the bases. Such a fun way to put the 5 Love Languages to practice!

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

And hey, If you’re looking for more traditional gifts…

Here are some pretty awesome ones! I know not everyone is into the DIY crafty kind of gift. That’s totally ok. Here are some gift ideas that are a bit more traditional, yet still just as enjoyable.

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  1. These are pretty cute ideas. My husband has never been a fan of Valentine’s day. His point is that he doesn’t need a specified day to show his love for me. And he sees how often Valentine’s day is one of the few days of the year that some men do show love.

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