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DIY Sensory Maze for Kids

Looking for your next Family Night Activity? I’ve got a cool one for you to try out!! Last week I went to the Parent Night that my Kiddo’s school hosts every week and they taught us how to make these DIY Sensory Mazes for kids! They’re perfect for (my) kids because they offer a quiet, engaging, mind crunching, alternative to rough play.

This craft is simple to make and can be ready to play within about ten minutes. Ready to get started?! Great! Let’s make this!

DIY Sensory Maze for Kids. A fun, inexpensive, kid friendly activity for your next family night! @mrslotanner

DIY Sensory Mazes

The Perfect Crafts For Your Next Family Fun Night!


You can find these craft materials for real cheap at your local craft store, or you can shop for them real quick by clicking the link below ūüôā


1. Use the thin inline duct tape to create your maze on one side of your Ziploc bag.

2. When you’ve completed your maze drop one marble or bead inside the ziplock bag.

3. Tell your ziplock bag with just enough hair gel that when you lay it flat it appears full but you can still zip it.

4. Zip the bag shut.

5. Reinforced to seal with the thick wide-ruled duct tape. To make it look a little more snazzy you can lie in the whole perimeter with the duct tape.


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3 Ways You Can Use this DIY Sensory Maze

1.  A Solo Quiet Time Activity

The sensory Maze is a great way to keep kids engaged in a quiet activity without gluing them to a television.

2. A Game Night Activity

Have some good family fun with the sensory maze during family game nights. Design your mazes, set a clock, and see how quickly each of you can make your way through the mazes.

3. Add It To the Calming Box

In our home, instead of time out, we use “spaces,” a space in the home where my little ones can go to regroup, calm down,¬† and take a moment to themselves. This space typically includes a cozy place to sit, a few books to read, and a calming box – a box of toys or activities for my boys to use while they’re taking time to themselves.

More Great Activites to Add to Your Quiet Time Calming Box:

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