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I didn’t mean it how it sounded. I had gotten caught up in the business of the morning, taking care of routine responsibilities and then some extra. My youngest had finally gotten to sleep and my older two were begging for some breakfast; rather noisily I might add.

And in my hasty response, I let it slip.

“Okay! Give me just a minute and I’ll get you some breakfast, put in your movie, and then I’m going to get my bible study out of the way.”

Did you hear it? That ugly phrase? “I’m going to get this Bible study out of the way..”

3 Things To Remember About Drawing Close To Jesus

The truth is, for a lot of us our relationship with God is exactly that; something that is in our way. A 10 minute morning devotion we try to get done and over with so we can get to the “important” tasks ahead of us. That may not be our heart or even our intent, but it has become our approach. I know I’m guilty of that.

Let’s just be honest; a rushed, get it out of the way so I can get on with my day approach is just not going to cut it.

Side Note: Just to be clear, I’m not narcing on 10 minute morning devotionals. They definitely have their time and place and can be powerful. So long as our hearts are in the right place.

For me personally, there are 3 things that I need to remember when it comes drawing close to Jesus.

1. “You can’t rush a relationship.”

I once heard it said that “If a person is too busy for God then they are too busy.” There’s a lot of truth in that. I should never feel the need rush through my day in hopes of getting some down time to spend with God. That’s a sign that I have over-committed myself.

The opposite is also true; I shouldn’t have to rush through my time with God to make sure I get my tasks for the day done. My relationship with God is not a checklist item. Nor is it a boxed item. It’s not something I am ever done with or should ever set aside. It’s not a relationship that stays in a box. It is a relationship that affects every area of my life and just like any other relationship out there, it needs to be fed and nurtured in order for it to grow. And that my friends, takes time.

If your feeling like you just don’t have the time to invest in your relationship with Jesus, you might want to ask yourself, “What can I let go of to make room for God? What are the things keeping me from drawing close to Jesus?

2. Where I go, He goes.

My senior year of high school I was introduced to the beautiful world of student leadership in our youth group. There was a small team of us. I remember one of the team members (who also happened to be a really great friend) was preparing for a local Fine Arts Festival asked me to join her in a contemporary dance piece she was choreographing. When I heard the song she had chosen for our piece  “Where You Go I Go” by Brian Johnson and Jenn Johnson, I fell in love with it.

The song opens with the lyrics, “where you go I go, what you say I say, God, what you pray I pray.”

This song is all about walking with God. What most people forget is that God will walk with us too. Relationships work both ways, right? I can make almost any portion of my day “God time” simply by choosing to invite Him to walk with me. We can chat while grocery shopping, cleaning, driving, exercising, working, etc. There is no place I can go to escape his presence. Where I go, He goes – if I ask Him. 

3. God’s grace extends to me too.

If you’re a homemaker, mom, working mom, (working) wife or any other kind of woman with loads of responsibility on her shoulders; I’m sure this next statement is one you can relate to II know it rings true for me). Sometimes, life gets busy. And as much as I would love to always find a way around the rush, I know there will be times when that doesn’t happen.

The good news is, God gets it. And when I fall short, God is quick to be gracious. He doesn’t condemn me nor hold it against me. He loves me through it and helps me to my feet. His grace extends to you too.

This Is Not A Cookie Cutter Relationship

I think it’s also really important to note that there is not a cookie-cutter way to build a relationship with God. We were all uniquely made. We all love differently. That being said it’s no surprise that our relationships with God are going to look different. For example, I love music. I love to write lyrics and love to express my love for God through music. So when I sit down to spend time with God that is part of what I do. I use that gift and talent to build a relationship with God.

I have friends who have created prayer rooms and choose to draw close to God through prayer and meditation in their secret place. I’ve met people who dance for Jesus, people who write Him, paint for Him, and people who draw close to Him by serving others. There isn’t a blanket statement way to build intimacy with Jesus.

No Need For Comparison

Your time with God is just that; it’s between you and Him. It doesn’t need to measure up to what anyone else is doing. God gave you your strengths and passions for a reason. Don’t waste your time trying to be the perfect cookie cutter Christian with a cookie cutter relationship. Use the gifts God blessed you with to create an authentic and intimate relationship with Him.

Yes, dig into the Word. Yes, spend time in prayer; but don’t be afraid to make your relationship with God uniquely yours.

What encouragement would you give to someone struggling to find time to draw close to Jesus?

18 thoughts on “3 Tips for Drawing Close to Jesus”

  1. Take five minutes before you get out of bed. I’m sure there’s a phone nearby – play some worship music and pray. Ask God to order your day and He’ll show you what your priorities should be so you can spend more time with Him.

    1. I like to start my day thanking God for giving me the strength and ability to accomplish all HE HAS FOR ME that day. Which of course means a lot of what I have for me doesn’t get done, but that’s ok. It’s teaching me to align my priorities with His.

  2. I love that we are not a cookie cutter relationship! I love my personal relationship with God and the fact that He loves me so much He DESIRES a private relationship with me. This was a great reminder of why I need to stay in tune with God.

    1. Can you imagine how boring our relationship with God would be if every single one of them was the same?! I love having a unique relationship with Jesus.

  3. I so often fall into the trap of making my relationship with God a checklist. I read my Bible to say I did it. The more natural ways I spend time with God is listening to sermons at work, and listening to worship music while at work. I’m a multitasker. So when I say “OK I need to sit down and worship/read the Bible for 15 minutes” I balk at the intentional time alone with God. This is such a great reminder, though! Our relationship is not a checklist nor is it cookie cutter!

    1. I love listening to worship music throughout the day. It makes a big difference in the atmosphere of my home. And girl, I get what you mean with the whole multitasking thing. It’s in my nature. I have to really discipline myself to sit down and give my time with God my full attention.

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