People say it as if it is an insult. “Fight like a girl.” Sure, women may not carry the biggest muscles on the block. But to equate our strength to only physical mass is societies big mistake.  There are strength and beauty that come with biblical womanhood; both of which have been long overlooked.

Fight Like A Girl by Lisa Bevere brings much-needed light to this topic.

Fight Like A Girl

Who Is This Book For:

Fight Like A Girl is for any woman who wants to understand her true identity of a woman of God, a woman of influence, and a woman of strength. It is for mothers, daughters, wives, mentors, and the likes.


With God’s wisdom and guidance, Lisa Bevere uses Fight Like A Girl to shed light on how to identify yourself as a woman of God; what strength, beauty, and importance this position holds.

Men and women; we are battling. And not for any honorable reason, we are battling to be who we are not; to take on an identity that is not ours.  We’ve begun to yield the gifts and influences that God has appointed us in an attempt to take on an identity that was never meant to be ours. We have so desperately step outside of who God designed each of us to be simply because we don’t understand the power of His design. We don’t understand the strength and influence we carry as women of God.

Fight Like A Girl reveals the absolute truth about the strength of biblical womanhood that we have all been missing.  Lis covers topics such as the intent of the marriage relationship, the roles of a wife and husband and how they are meant to edify each other, the women’s strength when it comes to influence and intercession, and more.

My Experience

When I picked up this book I was 19, had just dropped out of college, just had a baby, moved back home (to my parent’s house), and was really struggling in my relationship with my then boyfriend, now husband.

I felt like everyone was stacked against me and I was just a walking disappointment. And like most people going through a struggle like that, I found myself back in the pews of my church with this book in my hand.

I personally walked away from this book empowering. Ready to walk in my God-given strength.


If you were ever a woman who felt less than, by the end of this book you know you are MORE.  You walk away with understanding and confidence, owning the identity Christ gave you as a daughter in His Kingdom.


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19 thoughts on “Fight Like A Girl”

  1. I’m going to have to check out this book! Thank you for the review! I love being a women of God because he has roles for each of us, I love fulfilling his will in the role he designed just for me. 🙂

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