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When “God closes a door..” I don’t know. I guess there’s a couple different ways you could handle it.

  1. You could get bitter and slam it right back in His face.
  2. You could crawl through a window and let yourself in anyway.. OR
  3. You could trust that regardless of what things look like in that very moment that God’s got your back.

For most people, the second that something goes “wrong” or suddenly doesn’t work in our interest (as far as we can tell), or just isn’t what we planned; we start playing the blame game. We blame God. We act as if we know better than him where our lives should be going or what we should be doing. We want the outcome to be the picture we naively spent so much time perfecting in our minds. We forget that before we even put a hand to it, God has already seen it. He knows the outcome. Whether the outcome is what we want or not is really irrelevant. We need to trust that God is moving on our behalf. I believe God sets people up for success. He does not leave people ill equipped. He does not intend for people to fail.

The last 7 months or so, since the birth of my son, God has really been stirring my heart, preparing me for change; and today change started. For most people the change that I am experiencing would have been hurt or upset. Others would feel betrayed. I feel.. at peace. And oddly so. I don’t have any concerns; although the world would tell me I have plenty to be concerned about. And from a “worldly” perspective that might be true; but when God gives you peace you don’t question it. You take it. Without question. So that eliminates option #1 from the list above.

Knowing that God absolutely has my best interest at heart I wouldn’t dare walk myself into a situation that I know he moved to keep me from. That kicks option #2 off the list.

That leaves us with option #3. I have 100% full confidence in the FACT that God has got my back. Like I said, God has been preparing me for this for months now. Let me share a little more information with you. For the last 5 year (ok, maybe 4 and a half) I’ve been working with a local company that supports families and individuals in the community who may experience a developmental delay. I’ve worked 4 different positions; working my way from “the bottom” up. Last Thursday the company announced that financial demands were requiring them to downsize and when I arrived at work this morning, I along with a few other employees we “laid off.”  Not only had that company been my pride and my identity; but it was my security. It allowed me to support my family of four, my education, my passions. It was a sure tomorrow. Even when I wasn’t working I was working. I just loved that company and I loved that job. Even as I am writing this I am recognizing how much I sacrificed for this company and I’m realizing that it was too much. It gave me a lot of what I wanted – but it took a lot of what was valuable; time with my family (my husband and our boys), my personal time/relationship with God. That’s not really the point of this blog but it is worth mentioning.

Anyway, all that being said. I was at the Alaska Youth Conference a few weeks ago with an awesome team of youth and one of my focuses while I was there was direction. I wanted to make sure that I was walking to the beat of his drum and not mine. Relying on his plan and not solely my own (and to be honest, most of the time if you are in God’s will it will line up with your desires). More specifically, I asked God to close the door that lead to opportunities that I should NOT pursue. Sometimes the easiest way to know where to go is to know what places to stay away from. And voila! Look what door just closed!

I know to most this is going to sound like the most ridiculous of testimonies; but the request I presented to God and seeing the events of the past few days.. Isn’t it awesome to know that God hears prayer! Even when it includes loss, God hears prayer and he has your best interest at heart. I don’t have all of the answers. I don’t have to know exactly what comes next to know that my well being and the well being of my family rests in God’s hands. I believe that is why I have felt such peace in this. I believe that a positive response to this situation set my faith in motion (action is faith in motion).

Isaiah 30:18 says “Blessed are those who look for, who long for, and who expect His victory, His favor, His joy, His peace.”

When things aren’t going your way you planned or the way you expected, look for victory. I guarantee there is one. Expect victory and while you wait, pray for peace and expect God to provide it. Remember God does not leave people ill equipped for “battle.” And if he does, well.. That story is a miracle in the making. Either way, start claiming your victory. Walk away from the closed door.

15 thoughts on “When God closes a door…”

  1. That is a great attitude about a frightening change. I had to quit the job I thought was my lifelong career plan in order to be the mom I needed to be. Not that I have an issue with working moms, there were just some major issues with the situation and….it broke my heart. It took awhile to be at peace with that decision. I hope you see the open door to walk through.

    1. Thanks Keisha! It’s amazing how God opens doors you were not even aware were near bye. I struggled with this change at first (and honestly my mind still gets to me sometimes) but I LOVE that I get to be home with my kids full time now! That has been a dream of mine since they were born.

    1. Exactly! Sometimes we (or I, preaching to myself here) just have to step back and be patient about it. Trust that God is in control.

    1. Oh trust me I have slammed the occasional door. Lol! You live and you learn. It’s better to be on God’s side than it is to be outside of his will.

  2. Amen! Great post! My pastor always told us that when you’re praying about direction, pray for closed doors. Closed doors are clear. We can’t go there. Open doors require more prayer and counsel. Open doors don’t necessarily mean you should go in. But praying for closed doors requires faith and trust in the Lord because when the door is shut, we need to be able to say, “Thank you, God, for not leading me where I shouldn’t go.”

  3. This isn’t a silly testimony, I love it! I always love it when God shows himself in such clear ways. Sometimes it might not be the way that I was hoping, but at least the answer is clear. I really dislike when I feel like the answers I get aren’t clear and directive. Good luck on whatever God has next in store for you!

  4. Unfortunately, I didn’t listen to God when he was trying to tell me something. The end result… He took me out of the situation. It was a hard situation but I’m seeing how blessed I am to have a God who has my back and better things for me.

    1. I’ve really been trying to focus on Jeremiah 29:11 and just remember that God’s got a plan.

      It is so awesome to have God on our side!

  5. I vividly remember this youth convention and praying for direction too, seeing all the things God did in my life then and in you guy’s too! It’s been a drastically different year than what we both expected but he’s still faithful!

  6. I love how you put our options – I often have gotten bitter and “whiney”!!!! And then we often do the “blame game” – blame God or blame others! Thanks for these good reminders that God is in control!

  7. I have responded in all 3 of those ways before when God closes a door…but the 3rd option is always the best one. He really does know what He’s doing, doesn’t He?! Trusting in the Lord’s plans can be hard, especially because we can’t see where the road goes. We can only see before the next bend. Beyond the bend, though, is always something good when we let God lead the way!

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