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I started this blog to be an encouragement for women. The cool thing is that the more this community grows the more I find myself encouraged and inspired by all of you. Y’all the testimonies you have shared with me are so incredible! I love hearing how God is working in each of your marriages.

8 Marriage Resources That Kept Me Hopeful @mrslotanner

Listen, I will never claim to know it all when it comes to marriage. There’s always more to learn. I can, however, agree to be an open book and share with you all that I have learned through mentoring, experience, research, and many “heart to heart’s” with Jesus.That is the sole purpose of this blog.

So today I wanted to point you in the direction of some marriage resources that helped me stay hopeful even when things didn’t seem hopeful.

3 Marriage Resources That Kept Me Hopeful

Ready? Here we go!

1. Keep Your Love On

I have been ranting and raving about this book for months now. I’ve actually read it twice since October. This book taught me how to love even in when it’s not reciprocated; even when it seems undeserved and just plain hard.

It taught me how to communicate respectfully, and how to set boundaries that encourage respectful communication and remove me from disrespectful “conversation.”

2. Marriage Today (this one is Free!)

Marriage Today is a great Christian marriage ministry.  Jimmy and Karen Evans are such awesome mentors! I can relate to so much of where they came from and that excites me. It keeps me encouraged. It airs on TBN television every morning and they have a ton of online resources you can get your hands on too.

3. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband

I’ve mentioned this book a time or two also. It’s great because it takes all the great advice you would get from counselors and books and turns them into simple action steps like this.

These 5 Marriage Resources I Absolutely Love!

And I’d love to share with you! I’ll be honest, some of them pushed me a bit outside of my comfort zone, but it was the best thing that could have ever happened to our marriage. These are some incredible God-honoring ways to build and strengthen your marriage. Check this post to get the full list of 5 Marriage Resources I Absolutely Love.

What ways do invest in strengthening your marriage? 

2 thoughts on “8 Marriage Resources That Kept Me Hopeful”

  1. The 100 Ways to Love your Husband book sounds amazing! I love books that give you a reason to do something and then follow up with practical steps. Some days it’s easy to think of ways to love our husbands, and other days (usually when I’m busy/moody) it feels like we’re scrapping for ideas to show love in a tangible way.

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