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It’s not that we don’t want our Bible Studies to be “deep.” The best studies are the ones that get your mind engaged and thinking. We WANT to pull all of the gold out of the Bible. We want to download all that wisdom, take in the instruction, absorb the encouragement, and heed the warnings. But we want to pull all of this information from the Bible in a way that we can manage.

Why Starting Simple Is Best

The Bible is full of tons of information, and when we don’t take the time to break down those power packed chunks of scripture we risk misinterpreting God’s words and as a result, could misguide ourselves and others under our influence.

So instead of choking on information we haven’t properly broken down or digested, it’s often best to slow down, take a bite at a time, and really grasp the truths we are learning. Sometimes, simple is really beneficial. In fact, here are four benefits of keeping your Bible study simple, plus a sure-fire way to make it happen!

Take A Peek Inside!

About “Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips For The Women Learning To Study God’s Word.

In this ebook, I’ll be sharing a series of simple tips you can use to help you break down, understand, and retain all that you learn from your Bible study, making your time with God a bit sweeter and a lot less complex.

You’ll learn:

1. where to start your Bible study journey

2. How to find biblical encouragement for the season of life you are in

3. How to retain and apply all that golden information you’re about to dig into.

And more!

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8 thoughts on “4 Reasons For Keeping Your Bible Study Simple + A Sure-Fire Way To Do It!”

  1. Wise words!! I often find the same to be true – quality over quantity – SO important! Also, loved what you said about making sure we are understanding God’s word correctly so that we don’t misinterpret and lead ourselves or others astray. Love that heart you’re showing!

  2. This sounds so great! And it’s true, taking time to really chew on God’s word and let it nourish our spiritual
    Bodies instead of rushing to conclusions is so important!

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