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I picked up Keep Your Love On for the first time back in October. It was a good book then. So here we are four months later and I have picked the book and read through it again. And after reading through it, applying, and building off the principles and relationship foundations in the book, I can honestly say, Keep Your Love On is BEST the second time around.


Keep Your Love On

Keep Your Love On

About the Book: 

Keep Your Love On is a book that transforms ordinary people into powerful people by identifying and strengthening (through simple and applicable principles) the three key components of powerful relationships: connection, communication, and boundaries. Through the teachings of Danny Silk, Keep Your Love On guides readers through the process of creating safe, loving, and intimate relationships based off of one eternal and God inspired principle: I choose you. 

My Experience:

I haven’t always been the wife who chooses my husband. I’ve chosen myself often enough. I’ve chosen my pride, my frustration, my selfishness… What I didn’t realize was that by choosing those things, by operating under a “my way or no way” mentality, I had made distance the goal of my marriage. And it was a goal that, embarrassingly enough, we were doing a pretty great job of accomplishing.

Keep Your Love On helped me turn that around. It helped me see my marriage through a new lens and gave me the skills I needed to begin working towards the goal of connecting with my husband.

In reading this book you will learn how to:

  1. Nurture connection in relationships (both in your marriage and outside of it).
  2. Communicate respectfully and effectively, eliminating opportunities for disconnecting.
  3. Set boundaries that will prioritize and protect your relationships

And what I love most about these principles (which I hinted at a moment ago) is that; yes, they apply to marriage. But they also apply to basic friendship, sibling relationships, parent/child relationships, work relationships, dating relationships, and so on! You can apply these principles to almost every relationship in the book and I’ll be ya every time the relationship will be better because of it.


Y’all this book is POWERFUL. Keep Your Love On is more than just a good read, it’s an action plan. No matter what state your relationships are in at this moment, how great they are or how broken they seem to be; the principles BREATH LIFE into your relationship. This is a book I plan to read and apply to my life over and over again. I hope you choose to do the same.

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