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“If my interactions with my children are dusted with sugar, I would say my interactions with my husband are soaked in brine.” – Kelly (Mrs. Disciple)

Did that sting a little bit for you too? I feel like that’s me every Monday morning; or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or.. all of them.. including this one. That’s me in the mornings.

Can you relate?

Keeping Your Marriage Out Of The Deadzone

You know that place between sugar dusted interactions with my children and the brine soaked interactions with my husband? Or I guess it’s not the place in between that makes the difference but rather the place where they meet. Kelly refers to it as the “dead zone;” and for good reason (as you’ll discover when you read).

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I’ve created a few dead zones in my short time as a wife and momma. When it all comes down to it, I can credit most of my “brine behavior” (aka poor behavior) towards my husband to the unrealistic expectations I set for him. I forget sometimes that he’s just as human as I am, and in my effort to point out his “imperfections” I get a little.. less than lovely. I’m just going to be real and own up to it. It happens.

And the friction it causes; ugh! It can be so frustrating!

And if you’re thinking to yourself, “Yup, I’ve been there,” or maybe, “Hey, I am there,” you are going to want to check out this post post.

Three Things You’ll Learn By Checking Out This Post:

1) How to identify the “dead zones” in your relationships.

2) How to breathe life into relationships that may be suffocating.

3) Three scriptures to help you along the way!

Read Kelly’s post in it’s entirety.

I’m challenging myself this week, and I’m going to challenge you too. Let work on our marriages!

What are some ways you plan on Keeping Your Marriage Out Of The Dead Zone?

5 thoughts on “Keeping Your Marriage Out Of The Dead Zone”

  1. Thank you for your reflections and for sharing my post. I wrote it from a hard place and I’m still working hard to live out the lessons in it. I am so thankful for your linky tree community!

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