Affiliate DisclosureHave you ever wondered if there is a right way to pray? Don’t worry, if your answer is yes your secret is safe with me. In fact, your in good company, because I’ve wondered that same thing. Most Christians will tell you there isn’t a right or wrong way to pray. I disagree. In my opinion, there are plenty of wrong ways to pray, but the key to praying correctly is to pray in total agreement with God. 

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Keys: 5 Steps to Creating An Effective Prayer Strategy

This is the conversation that is taking place in my new ebook “Keys: 5 Steps to Creating An Effective Prayer Strategy.”

There is nothing more powerful than living your life in agreement with God, letting Him steer your heart and whisk you into incredible purpose. When it comes to the way you live your life the best way to get in agreement with God is to know what He says about you and the circumstance in your life and then get on board. And the only way to do that is to get into the Word of God and find out for yourself what God is declaring about you!

“Keys ” is designed to teach you how to get strategic with your prayer so that when you share your heart, needs, and requests with God you are partnering with Him and not working against Him.

This is such a powerful premise!!

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When you pre-order my new ebook Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for the Women Learning to Study God’s Word (at no additional cost) BEFORE June 13th!

These two ebooks compliment each other so well, I couldn’t help but bundle them together for you. Through “Simple & Sweet” you’ll learn how to connect with God through His Word (the Bible), and in reading “Keys” you’ll learn how to connect with God through prayer. The two couldn’t make a better match! I’m confident that you’ll enjoy them. More importantly, my prayer is that you will be encouraged by them.

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