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Affiliate DisclosureIn the rush of everything we have to accomplish in a day, we must ask ourselves a billion questions. Some of them are about as enjoyable as static on the radio. They distract us, frustrate us, and are just one more problem to add to our growing list (because let’s face it, none of us have problem free lives).

Others lead us in the direction of productivity. They allow us to reflect, evaluate, and progress in some way or another. We ask questions about our perspectives (and others), our home lives, work lives, love lives, family lives, financial state, physical/health state, and the list will go on.

The answers might be worth a thought or two. They may be really important even. But there is one question that I believe trumps the importance of all of these and it is this;

“What is God teaching me lately?”

The Life Changing Question to Ask Yourself Daily

What Has God Been Teaching Me Lately?

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When I was younger my mom would ask me that question. Sometimes just to start a conversation and sometimes it was a bit more strategic than that. To be honest I always thought it was her way of checking to see if I had done my homeschooling Bible lesson or if I had spent any time in prayer that day.

There were times when I would stand there frantically searching my mind for something to say. Something that would impress her. Something that would show I was in a “good place” with God. Now that I’ve grown up a bit (spiritually) and have a bit more understanding under my belt, I understand the significance of this question.

“What has God been teaching me?” 

The Spiritual Check Point

This is more of a heart question than an intellect question. What she was  really asking was, “Honey, where’s your heart at?” Are you seeking and listening? Are you following?Who is your priority?

If  I couldn’t answer every one of those questions I knew that I  needed to take a step back from whatever it is that I have elevated into an all too high place in my life; and get my mind and my heart focused on what truly matters in this life.

A lot of times that means I need to unplug. Unplug from my blog, unplug from Facebook, set down my book, leave the dirty dishes in the sink for a few more minutes; and have a little conversation with Daddy God.

Who (Or What) Is On Your Throne?

It can be so easy to get distracted in the day to day busyness or even boredom of life, to get caught up in me and the things I want to do, or even get caught up in others and the burdens and joys that they carry and share. In all of this God keeps reminding me not to misplace Him. Not to “dethrone” Him. His throne is His alone. His either King of my life or He is not. He either holds a place of high value and esteem in my life of He does not. If I can’t tell the difference my actions will.

What have you been placing on God’s throne that shouldn’t be there? I’m going to suggest that you and I get pretty aggressive about some dethroning.

A read recently in my Bible about “The Loveless Church (Revelation chapter 2). In short, the loveless church is a body of people who have done right after right after right; but when it came to a relationship with Jesus, they missed the mark. They were so busy doing things for God that they forgot to just spend time nurturing a relationship with Him. They had left their first love (Revelation 2:4).

Let’s not leave Christ at the foot of His own throne. Let’s not forget to love Him, to spend time with Him, to listen to him, and praise Him. To hear His voice, to follow Him, to sacrifice (our time, finances, etc) for Him. God is not stagnant. So if your relationship with Him isn’t growing, it’s probably time that you ask yourself the question: “What has God been teaching me lately?” And then start seeking an answer. God will meet you where you are at if you diligently seek Him.

What are some ways you can clear the static in your life and make time for your growing relationship with God?

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24 thoughts on “The Life Changing Question to Ask Yourself Daily”

    1. I feel ya. Sometimes when I sit still I feel lazy or bored. I gotta remember though that God doesn’t see it that way. He wold much rather relax and spend some time with me.

  1. Oh my goodness. This post really hit home. I feel so convicted now. I haven’t read my Bible outside of church and my Bible study in probably over a month. And I rented the book Fervent from the library at least 2 weeks ago wanting to amp up my prayer life, but I’ve only read one chapter. My blog and social media are definitely on the throne right now. And possibly my health. I need to do some serious dethroning! Thanks so much for the push!

  2. This is such a great post. I also have to step away from it all from time to time to spend time with the Lord, it just puts everything back in to perspective.

  3. He’s been speaking to me about giving Him all of my heart, all of my desires, goals, and pursuits. Similar to what you were saying. Thank you for the idea of asking ourselves what we are seeking and learning.

  4. I love this. It really is such an important question to ask yourself each day. I love ‘Where is your heart at’ and ‘Where is your priority.’ Thank you for this reminder today!

    1. Thanks you stopping by Becky! I too love the question “where’s your heart at.” It reminds me that the majority of the cultural struggles we face today are from a cultural change of heart. Where my heart is at affects everything.

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