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Of all the Love Languages we touched on so far, this one is my absolute FAVORITE.  Yup, It’s time to spend some Quality Time with your main man. Listen, with everything we have on our plates as moms, working women, and wives it can be really easy to neglect this love language. Even I’m guilty that (and this is my primary love language *gasp*). But I found hope in this one simple tip. Are you ready for it?

Quality over Quantity.  That’s it! That’s the tip.
You don’t have to commit huge chunks of your day to spending time with your husband (although how nice would that be?!). But what you need to make sure of is that the time you get to spend together is intentional, engaging, and high quality.
If you are in the same room but in two different worlds, you are not practicing QUALITY time. To master this love language, you have to become a student of your spouse. Learn what activities he considers to be quality time activities and pursue those things with your husband.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

 For example, in my home (for me), watching TV together doesn’t count as quality time. It doesn’t give me the connection I need or desire from my husband. But for him, he loves nothing more than to share a favorite movie (of his) with me. To him that’s special. So when I give him the gift of quality I choose to cuddle up with him and watch a movie because I know connecting in that way is valuable to him. When he gives me the gift of quality time he makes sure it’s something active like a card game, a walk, or just engaging in conversation. See how that works?

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So let’s put this love language to work today. You may already know exactly where to start, but if not, I’m about to share 50 ideas you can pull from. Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment a little. In my experience, new is always good. 😉

50 Ideas to Try If Your Husband’s Love Language is Quality Time

Let’s talk habits! There are some simple and practical habits you can create that will make any Quality Time persons feel loved and respected. Take notes! You might want to start implementing them NOW. Remember, a little consideration goes a long way.

These small actions will make a HUGE Impact

1. Set consistent date nights (more tips for this in the next section).

2. Put your cell phone away when you’re with him.

3. Set boundaries to protect your time with husband. Don’t let other tasks, projects, or people takeaways from your alone time.

4. Engage in conversation. You know, ask questions. Respond thoughtfully. Give more than “yes” or “no” answers.

5. Laugh together.

6. Listen as much, if not more, than you talk.

7. Be purposeful with your time.


8. Do things together

9. Show an interest in (join in on) his hobbies.

10. You know that consistent date night you set; NEVER cancel it.

11. Be home at a decent hour. Evening and night tend to offer plenty of opportunity for intimate moments. Don’t miss out.

13. Take advantage of the time you have together when the kids are napping or out of the house.

14. Start your day together.

15. Make eye contact.

35 Date Ideas

16. Plan a movie date.

17. Have a monthly weekend “away” (you don’t have to go far. Maybe a local hotel for a night).

18 Take your hubby on a nice little walk.

19. Plan a group date so both of you can have fun with friends together.

20. Meet your sweetie at work for a quick lunch break.

21. Go to a local farmers market. Ours usually have live music, great food, and tons of little goodies to enjoy.

22. Find a “Married Life” group at church and do activities with the group.

23. Work out together.

24. Go hiking,

25. Do a couple’s massage.

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26. Have a Caramel Apple date! This is perfect for people like me who love fair food but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to get it. Caramel Apples at home? Yes, please!

27. Plan a Camping Trip.

28. Put together a couples Scavenger Hunt!

29. Try a new restaurant featuring food you haven’t eaten before.

30. Go to a painting class together.

31. Read a book together!

32. Start a DIY project together. I love to make body scrubs and soaps. and we both like to get creative with home decor.

33. Make a date out of planning your date nights. Brainstorm potential date ideas, write them on a card,  put your date cards in a binder and voila, you’ve got yourself  DIY Date Night Book. So fun, and super helpful!

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34. Swim at the beach.

35. Go to a park.

36. Plan a sledding trip.

37. Volunteer Together.

38. Bake Cookies.

39. Re-pot Flowers or make a home garden.

40. Go dancing.

41. Go star gazing. I’m not going to lie, some of my favorite moments with my husband and when he pulls me out of bed to look at the stars.

42. Play 20 Questions! I know we think we all know our marriage partner, but let’s be honest. There are probably still surprises in their that you would enjoy learning. Stories to tell, things to laugh about. I’d bet you anything.

43. Have a candlelight dinner at home (after the kids are in bed of course)

44. Have an Around the World Date Night! You may not be able to physically travel around the world, but you can get creative! Why not experience the food and culture of different nations right there in your kitchen?

45. Play a board game.

46. Just talk to each other. Have a conversation.

47. Create a bucket list.

48. Go to a wine tasting.

49. Cuddle before bedtime.

50. Write each other love letters.

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There you have it! 50 Ideas to get you started! And of course, there’s always room for more suggestions! What kind of activities do you and your husband like to do during your quality time together? Drop your answer in the comments!

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15 Stellar tips + 35 incredible date night ideas for you can use if you're husband's love language is Quality Time. Trust me, you can master this love language! @mrslotanner

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