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With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I thought I’d share a list of 20 ways to bless your mama this Mother’s Day. If your mom is as incredible as mine you know there’s nothing you could do, say, or buy that could express just how much you love and cherish her. But gestures like these, are a good place to start. So let’s take a peek!
20 Ways to Bless Your Mom This Mother's Day - @mrslotanner

20 Ways to Bless Your Mom This Mothers Day

1. Treat her to her favorite dessert.

2. Find her something precious, like this bracelet, to wear to church on Mother’s Day.

3. Watch Mom’s Night Out with her! Pop some popcorn and have a movie night in!!

4. Get the family together and write down all the wonderful thing you love about your mom. You can write them in this journal and share them Mother’s Day Morning.

5. Offer to pay for a dinner date including only her and her husband.

6. Frame a prayer like this for her. Create your own or buy one.

7. Bless her with a QUIET afternoon to herself. No seriously. If your mother still has a house full of kids or a shoulder load of responsibility she’s carrying, give her a coupon for a day to herself and help her get some REST! My husband did that for me just recently; sent me to a hotel for a night by myself. Let me tell ya, as a young mom of 3 who manages her home, her blog, her rambunctious (but oh so loved) little boys, and about ever miscellaneous thing that could possibly come up.. that was THE BEST gift ever.

8. Is your mom a coffee drinker? A coffee mug like this one might just make her day!

9. If it’s an option for her, let her sleep in. I mean, don’t even interrupt her with breakfast (although breakfast in bed can be a sweet gesture..). Just let her sleep. Most moms don’t get nearly enough of that.

10. Pick a task from the top of your Dad’s “Honey Do List” and find a way to get it DONE!

11. Write her a love letter, but keep it just between you and her.

12. If she likes gardening consider starting her an indoor herb garden with something like this!

13. Or maybe plant her a couple of her favorite flowers!

14. Or you could just buy flowers.. if you want to do things the easy way.

15. Bless her with her favorite coffee blend and a this Moments With God for Moms Devotional. Because who doesn’t like a little coffee and Jesus.

16. This should go without saying, but for those who need it to be said.. be sure to give her a hug, a sweet kiss on the cheek, and a big (and I mean GINORMOUS) thank you. She deserves it.

17. How long has she been your mom? Come up with that number of things you LOVE about her and write them on separate sticky notes. Place each sticky note in a different place throughout the house (or in her car or purse, maybe her desk at work) where you know she will find them.

18. If your mom is working on Mother’s Day, be sure to pay her a visit!

19. Call up her best friend (the one that’s not her husband) and arrange a date for them!

20. Send her to a spa! Or if she’s not into public spa’s treat her to a spa basket and let her enjoy the evening in a nice warm vanilla firewood scented bath. Or maybe mango is more her preference. You’d know better than I.

I know there are a lot of great ideas that I haven’t mentioned in this post. I’d love to hear some of yours! How do you plan to be a blessing to your Mom or the Mother Figure in your life this Mother’s Day?

10 thoughts on “20 Ways to Bless Your Mom On Mother’s Day”

  1. I love the idea of writing your mom a love letter or telling her things you love about her. I use to do things like that, but it’s been a while. I should get back to it!

    1. The day my kids can do something like that will be AMAZING! Right now they are barely out of preschool. But their little hand painted hearts are too adorable not to love.

  2. I’m definitely going to pass this on. It looks like a great list for anyone who lives with or near their parents.

  3. These are great ideas, specially since my moms are in another state! I think I can figure out a way to buy something and make something really personal with your suggestions. Thank you!

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