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Are you having a hard time sticking to your newly set New Years goals? Don’t take it personally. It’s not you. Statistically speaking, most people don’t ever accomplish the resolutions they made New Year’s day.  According to Forbes only 8% of people actually stick to their New Years goals and a whopping 80% (according to Business Insider) of New Years Resolutions FAIL by February?! That’s just crazy!

I’ll admit I’ve been a part of that 80% before. But over the last few years, that’s changed drastically for me! I’m able to set crazy incredible goals and actually CRUSH THEM! And today I’m sharing 4 tips that can help you do the same.

Having a hard time sticking to your resolution? These 4 Tips that can help you become part of the 8% of people CRUSHING their New Years goals. @mrslotanner

4 Tips to Help You Crush Your New Years Goals

1.  Solidify Your End Game! 

What exactly is it that you want to accomplish? Whatever it may be, make it a big part of your life.

Solidify it.

Write it down.

Create a visual reminder for yourself; like a vision board.

Plaster it on your mind!

We don’t accomplish things by accident. We accomplish things by making them a priority. So do that! Keep this beautiful goal of yours at the forefront of your mind.

2. Map Out the Baby Steps!

If you’re like most people you’ve probably forgotten this step a time or two.  In fact, forgetting this step is the reason most people have such a difficult time sticking to their New Years resolutions. That was certainly true for me. I knew what I wanted to accomplish. but often times I forgot to map out the steps that would get me there. Maybe it was too intimidating. Or maybe I just didn’t even think of it. In either case, there’s a simple solution.

Baby Steps. 

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You don’t have to have every step on your way to reaching your goals outlined. But it is important for getting started to have AT LEAST three baby steps outlined. That way you have some direction. You have something to work towards. Once you’ve accomplished those first few baby steps you can build off your accomplishment by adding more baby steps to your plan. The more you accomplish the easier it is to take the bigger, more challenging steps.

3. Find Your Tribe.

Your tribe is a select few people that you can trust to encourage, equip, and support you through the mountains and valleys on your way to accomplishing your goal. Often times these people can be recognized by these characteristics:

They’re dreamers. They’ve got their own life goals and dreams and they are determined to keep moving towards them even if that means moving against the grain.

They’re encouragers. They don’t leave it up to other people to make the best of this world. They do their part by taking whatever opportunity they can to encourage and love the people they encounter.  It’s just a part of who they are.

(If your goal this year is to strengthen your faith walk and relationship with God, THIS is your YOUR tribe. )

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They’re problem solvers. These are people who spend their time creating solutions instead of sulking in problems.

They set boundaries. These are people who guard their integrity, their character, their relationships, and their vision with vigilance. They aren’t afraid to say no when they need to and they aren’t afraid to speak up for what’s right (even when “right” is inconvenient).

Not Everyone Belongs In Your Tribe

Have you ever taken a piece of advice from someone you trusted, only to realize down the line that although their intentions were good, their advice really wasn’t that great? Don’t worry, I’m raising my hand too. That’s what helped me understand the importance of being selective when it comes to who I allow in my tribe. Because honestly, not everyone belongs there. One of the biggest mistakes I see people making when they set goals (and I made this mistake too) is they are so quick to share their goals with EVERYONE. I’ve heard coaches call it public accountability and refer to it as the best kind of accountability. In my experience that is far from true.

See, the problem with sharing your goals with everyone is that, not everyone is actually in your corner. Not everyone actually believes that you’re going to accomplish what you set out to do. Believe it or not, doubt rules a lot of people. Fear and doubt lead people far more often than faith does. When you share your goals with everyone and invite in that public accountability, you’re also opening yourself to the influence of a lot of doubt-filled and fear-driven people.  That’s not the kind of accountability you want.  So instead of opening yourself to an uncountable amount people whose words may not serve you well, stick to that select group of people who know how to dream big and feed vision and can speak life and hope into yours.

4. Check-In OFTEN.

With so much going on in our lives (family, work, and otherwise) it can be easy to find ourselves wondering of course.  For that reason, it’s important to check-in every once in a while and take a good honest look at where we are at, where we want to go and figure out the next steps we can take to get there. These weekly planning pages can also help with that.

bloom daily planners Planning System Tear Off To Do Pad - Teal Daily Planner To Do Pad 6

You can do this on your own ( a kind of one-on-one woman in the mirror sort of thing) or you can do it within your tribe. Or both! That’s what I do.  And it works!

5. Stick To It!

Can I be frank? I think a lot of the reasons why people don’t see their hard work goals come to fruition is because they give up too soon. Remember, anything worthwhile takes time. So be patient and stick with it. It’s not always easy, but man is it rewarding when you finally check that last baby step off your list and realize you made it to your end game.

Whatever you do, keep pushing friends! Need some motivation? Check out The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. He’s got all the encouragement you need to start making this happen.

The Compound Effect

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