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Is fear talking you out of taking the next steps in your business? I wanted so badly to keep moving forward; to push through, to succeed, to knock fear on its feet. I wanted my voice and my business to be the one that made waves, but fear kept me stagnant. And when I wasn’t stagnant I was stumbling. Can you relate?

Today is the day that we turn that around. If you’ve been struggling with taking the next steps in your business and you’re ready to get unstuck, this post is for you!

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How to break through all the fear and anxiety you encounter when pursuing your business goals and stepping into new territory + how to handle the

How To Keep Fear From Slowing Down Your Business

Most every business adventure starts with excitement. Excitement for the next step, next launch, next collaboration or business venture. With every new step you experience a thrill or excitement (at least, that’s how it is for me). But even in all that excitement, there are times when your nerves will get to you and you’ll start to feel intimidated or fearful. You’ll start to wonder, “what if?”

Let me take a quick second to say that if this is you, don’t beat yourself up about it. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

I felt the same way when I first started trying to make money from my blog. And again when I launched my ebook and when launch my faith and life mentoring circle. It’s normal.

Fear is something most everybody battles when they’re moving into new territory or moving out of your comfort zone. We start to look at fear as a red light. Our mind tells us we need to stop. We need to go back to where we feel safe and cozy.

But if you’re safe space is keeping from pursuing what you are purposed and positioned to accomplished, it is no longer your safe place. I love how Rachel Huber explains it. She says,

“Fear is the brain’s way of saying there’s something important for you to OVERCOME.”

It’s one thing to feel afraid. It’s another thing to let that fear guide you.

For example, if you top writing the book that’s been on my heart because you’re afraid no one will read it, you’ve given fear far too much power.

If you stop creating and teaching because of what critics have to say, you’ve again given fear far too much authority in your life.

If you stop BUILDING because of fear you’re not living in the freedom that Christ created us to live in. We aren’t meant for chains.

So how do you get over those fears when it comes to your goals, your business or your blog? Let’s talk about it.

6 Tips for Overcoming Fear While Pursuing Your Goals:

1. Just Jump

If there’s a task in front of you that looks intimidating but you are equipped to handle it, take care of that task FIRST before you do anything else. Why? Because time feeds fear. The longer you sit in fear the less likely you are to accomplish what you set out to do. Time gives you the opportunity to rationalize all the excuses your mind has thought up. Before you know it, you’ve talked yourself out of moving forward simply because you gave fear a platform in your mind and now it’s shouting from the rooftops. Don’t do it.

Whatever the task is, 3, 2, 1, get it done.

2. Get Equipped

Fear follows a lack of knowledge. If you don’t know how to move forward or how to accomplish the task that’s in front of you, become a student of the task at hand and figure out what you need to do to make it all come together. Once you’ve got that knowledge, start putting it into practice.

3. Only feed the positive.

I’ve heard it said that fear is faith in a negative outcome. So instead of letting myself go to that place where I’m always thinking about negative outcomes, I’m going to start feeing my mind with positive outcomes. I learned a lot about this through a book called Power Thoughts. If you’re struggling with keeping your mind focused on the good, Power Thoughts can help you Philippians 4:8 your thoughts so the negative thoughts have no power over you.

Power Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the MindPower Thoughts: 12 Strategies to Win the Battle of the Mind

Another incredible read that can help in this area is Dr. Caroline Leaf’s book Switch on Your Brain.

Switch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthSwitch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and HealthSwitch On Your Brain: The Key to Peak Happiness, Thinking, and Health

What I love about this book is that not only do you get a look at the psychological function of the brain, you get to see how the Bible aligns with that view (or better put, how that view supports the Bible). Which allows you to better equip yourself (both mentally and spiritually) to fight again negative thoughts.

4. Set Reasonable Goals

I know you’re excited (I’m excited for you too) to finally reach your end game, but don’t rush it. Your goals are life-sized and it’s going to take time to accomplish them. Keep treading. Build on each step you take. Don’t try to reach point C without completing point B. Keep your steps reasonable.

5. Reach Out To Your Tribe

When in doubt (or when in fear) get your tribe on the phone! Send a message, ask questions; get input, encouragement, and accountability. That’s what your tribe is for. If you’re struggling with something in your blog or business, don’t let it go unknown. Talk it out. Get motivated. And Jump. If you haven’t found a tribe yet, you are welcome to join ours! 

6. Celebrate

Whatever the task is, do it afraid. Keep moving forward. And then celebrate! You made a move! You were faithful to your calling and didn’t give up! High five, my friend.

Keep Moving Forward

I am not at all interested in being stuck or becoming stagnant because I let fear become my compass. I don’t have time for that and you don’t either. So if there’s something you should be doing to move forward in your life, your business, with your goals, and fears getting in the way, let’s do it ok.

Call it out. Starve your fears. Make it happen.

And know I’m rooting for you.

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