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Do you know what the best part of October is aside from the first snowfall, Pumpkin Spice lattes, Halloween (which I don’t participate in)? The best part of October is getting the nation to stand behind our church pastors and leaders for (Ministry &) Pastor Appreciation Month. I don’t know about you, but I know if it weren’t for the ministry team at my church, my walk with Christ wouldn’t be where it is today. Some say that’s giving the church way too much credit for a relationship that is solely between me and Jesus. But even Christ, Himself, had His encouragers; a constant support system walking with Him. So for us to think that we can walk this Christian walk on our own, is kind of silly, don’t you think? 

That’s why I’m beyond grateful to be lead and encouraged by our churches ministry team. And I’m really excited to show you some ways that you can express your gratitude and #ReturnTheBlessing to the ministry team that sows into your life.

12 ways to #ReturnTheBlessing and honor your church's leadership team during (Ministry &) Ocotober's Pastor Appreciation Month @mrslotanner

12 Ways to #ReturnTheBlessing To Your Pastor in Pastor Appreciation Month

For A Pastor

Organize a card party! Invite members of the congregation to join you in writing a heartfelt card to pass along to your pastor.

Support his/her favorite ministry. Is your pastor tied to a separate ministry (Healing Hands, Convoy of hope, Speed the Light, etc.)? If so, a contribution to that ministry could be a great way to honor your pastor.

An anonymous gift. Hang a gift set or basket on their door know or front porch. Something like this Strength for the Noble Man Gift Set.  Or this God Is My Rock Set.  If your pastor is anything like mine he’ll these sets for several reasons. One, because it came from you. And two, both come with coffee mugs.











A Pastor’s Spouse

Often times, people highly underestimate the role of a Pastor’s Wife. Trust me friends, your Pastor’s wife does so much more than sit pretty in the front pew on a Sunday morning. Chances are she’s working right alongside your husband and is about as well versed as he is when it comes to what’s going on in the church. I know that’s certainly the case in every church I’ve attended.  To me honoring the Pastor’s wife is just as important as honoring the Pastor. The two are a team. So when honoring your Pastor this month, don’t forget to save a little love for his wife. Here are some ways you can #ReturnTheBlessing to a Pastor’s Wife.

Encourage her with an inspirational book. 

Let her know you’re praying for her

Take her out to coffee with a newly gifted coffee mug.

Help her get (or stay organized). We already talked about how full-time a pastor’s wife’s job is. Help her manage all her duties with the Delight In Today notebook planners.

Delight in Today - 2018 Monthly/Weekly Planner

Plan a double date. Just you, her, your husband, and your pastor.

Youth Pastor:

Do you ever look at a youth pastor and think how lucky they must be to just get to play all day? It’s true, youth ministry is a lot of fun. But it’s a lot of work two. I remember being on youth ministry leadership teams and wondering how on Earth these pastors pull off all they do. Seriously! There is so much that goes into youth leadership that you wouldn’t even think. It’s not just a cute little Wednesday morning class. It’s outreach,  mentoring, teaching, equipping, building, sowing into a generation that’s carrying the world on their shoulders. Is it rewarding? Yes! Is it hard work? Absolutely!

Invite them to dinner and cook their favorite meal.

Let your kids pick out a gift for them. After all, who would know them better than the kids who sit and learn from them every week? Ask them to browse and pick an awesome gift for their pastor and include a heartfelt thank you card.

Be Strong – Plank Wall Art

Volunteer! I’ve been dealt my fair share of assignment in youth leadership and let me tell you, you can never have enough help. Show the youth pastor you appreciate all their hard work and effort by lending a helping hand either behind the scenes or at their next event.

Sunday School Teacher / Children’s Ministry Director

Send your appreciation via snail mail. Have everyone in your class(es) agree to mail encouragement or Thank You cards to your Sunday School teacher.

Support their reading habit.  If they like to read, DaySpring has quite a collection of Christian Living Books. A book like You’re Already Amazing (by Holly Gerth) or The Happiness Dare (by Jennifer Dukes Lee) are great options!Holley Gerth - You're Already Amazing

Jennifer Dukes Lee - The Happiness Dare

Use a Photo to Say “Thanks.” Have someone take a photo of the class(es) with the teacher(s).  Print it out on paper and add the verse, “We have shared together the blessings of God (PHILIPPIANS 1:7 NLT). Frame it and present it to the Sunday School Teacher.

Donate to their department. Believe it or not, it takes A LOT of money to run a kids ministry. There’s training involved, curriculum to order, resources, toys, snacks, safety supplies, camps, and scholarships for camps; and those are just the basics. A great way to #ReturnTheBlessing to a  Sunday School teachers or children’s ministry directors is to bless their department buy financially supporting it.
Your church leadership has done so much to encourage and bless your walk with Christ. Be sure to thank them next time you see them! And then surprise them by using one (or some) of these ideas to #ReturnTheBlessing.


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