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Learn the basics of SEO; the importance of keywords, what they are and how to u them effectively in your blog post an on your blog web pages. @mrslotanner

We have a love-hate relationship; SEO and I. The keywords, the content standards, link building, and social sharing requirements. It can be a lot grasp at one time. I’m sure you know the struggle. Compare it to beating the every changing algorithms on Facebook. On your own it can be frustrating to sort through; the trial and error of it all. That’s why it could be useful for you to get a free marketing consultation and digital marketing agency review from a specialist. But the day you figure it all out and start to reap the benefits of all your work is the day you learn to love the game. Whenever I think about it, I do understand the importance of it for any business and their website. Plus, with the knowledge of companies like OutreachPete, at least if I ever come to the point where I need some assistance, I know that I wouldn’t have to go about it on my own. Thank goodness for the internet!

In this post, I’m going to help you get one step closer to loving SEO by showing you how to master the use of keywords in your blog posts. The choice of keywords and keyword research will prove invaluable to the success of your SEO.

Learn the basics of SEO; the importance of keywords, what they are and how to u them effectively in your blog post an on your blog web pages. @mrslotanner

How To Place Keywords to Get Your Blog the Best SEO Scores

Let’s not over think this. SEO is definitely important, but it’s not something to stress about. Once you have an understanding of the basics, you’re golden. So let’s start with the basics of SEO. Let’s dig into keywords.

What Are Keywords and What Do They Have to Do With SEO?

Keywords are used to describe the main topics or takeaways from your blog post. Selecting the right keywords for your blog posts will allow search engines such as Google or Pinterest to find your posts and put them in front of readers who are searching for your content. It works like this.

Say I’m looking for articles that can help explain the whole “SEO thing,” to me. I go to the Pinterest website (because let’s be honest, Pinterest is a fabulous search engine), click the search bar and type in something along the lines of “SEO tips.” The bloggers who have written on this top and chosen their keywords correctly have the advantage when I do this search because the Pinterest search engine will match my search with the keywords from their posts. As a result, their blog posts are going to be some of the first I see.

Placing your keywords in the right places can get your blog post in front of the right eyes! @mrslotanner

That, my friends, is the power of Keywords. If you want to optimize your posts so that search engines can find them, you need to be using keywords, whether it is via the The Merger Technique or other means..

So where do we put these keywords?

There are a couple obvious places you would expect to see keywords. In the title of the blog post and throughout the text for starters. However, if you’re only using keywords in those two places, you probably certainly aren’t going to get the SEO green light. So where else should you put these keywords?

1. In the Alternate Text Descriptions of images in your blog posts (the featured image as well as any other images).

Adding key words to the Alt. @mrslotanner

2. The Meta Description of your blog post.

Add keywords to your meta description to help seach engines and readers find your posts! @mrslotanner

3. The first paragraph of your blog post (the introduction).
4. The body of your content (at least once under each sub-heading).
5. The closing statement or paragraph of your blog.
6. The URL.
7. The title.

If you use tags in your blog posts (which you should be!) including the keywords in your tags is also a wise choice.

Adding keywords to the

How To Come Up With Effective Key Words

So now that we’ve talked about where to place keywords, let’s break down how to come up with the most effective keywords.

When choosing keywords you always want to have your audience in mind.

  • What three words would your readers use to describe the post you are writing?
  • What would they conclude the main topic of your post is?
  • If they were to search for your post, what words would they type into a search bar?

If you can answer those questions chances are you already know what your keyword should be. Once you’ve discovered what your keywords should be you can use tools like CoSchedule Headline Analyzer and Title Generator to craft a title around your keyword. The placement of your keywords is the next important thing.Free blogging and blog-based business tips and insight from Lifestyle Blogger and Blogging Mentor, Lo Tanner when you join The Blogger's Cove @mrslotanner

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