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Nurturing A Postive Thought Life

“Your mind will always believe everything you tell it.” – Unknown

A lot of us underestimate the connection between our thought life and the day to day life we live. I know I have. For a long time, even as a Christian I struggled with managing my thoughts. They stuck in my mind like glitter sticks to glue. Have you seen what that looks like?

Well, stick with me; because I’m about to paint a brilliant picture for you. It takes place in the classroom of the most beautifully elementary school art teachers in Alaska. See, art was my FAVORITE pull-out class for most of my elementary school career. For one hour every Friday, we got to soak in our creative juices and make as many messes as we wanted without repercussion. All in the name of “art.” Those days were glorious.

4 TIps for nurturing a positive thought life. @mrslotannerHow Negative Thoughts Stick (The Art Lesson That Set Me Straight)

One Friday afternoon we walked into art class and took our seats at a table filled with trays of paper, bottles of glue, and TONS of glitter. All the colors you could think of and enough for thirty plus kids. It was a janitor’s worst nightmare. No matter how careful we were with our craft we couldn’t keep the glitter from leaving its mark on us. Everything we touched was coated in remnants of glitter.  Even the hallways told a tale of our glitter infused artwork, evident by the glitter that had fallen from our shoes to floor as we walked back to class. We carried evidence of our glittery mess everywhere. It followed us wherever we went and stuck to everything we touched.

Like Glue

That same principle rings true in our thought lives. Every thought you have affects your day to day life. Those thoughts become evident in our actions. They imprint themselves in our lives and leave behind a noticeable residue to everyone paying attention.

Because our thoughts impact our lives so greatly, it is VITAL that we guard our thoughts. “Filtering our thoughts through a lens of truth; based on the word of God which is the standard we live by is ESSENTIAL.” (Priscilla Shirer, Armor of God)

Today I’m going to share with four tips to flipping the script on your negative thought and taking authority over you thought life. Are you ready for them?

 The Armor of GodThe Armor of God

How You Can Drown Out Negative Thoughts

Guard your gateways.

Our thoughts are usually tied to the things we’re consistently immersing ourselves in. Things like entertainment; the movies I watch, music I listen to, and books that I read.  I’ve gone as far as testing this principle myself and what I noticed was my thoughts about myself and the situations I faced day to day altered based on the message my mind was receiving. Music is the perfect example. When I listened to music that encouraged my faith and kept my mind focused on God I was able to respond to the difficult situation with faith and confidence. I noticed that secular songs tended to pull my focus away from God and triggered emotional reactions instead of faith-inspired responses. Guarding what I allow myself to hear, watch, and read; guarding what I put into my mind; that’s non-negotiable.

Keep yourself in good company.

A tough lesson I’ve learned throughout the years is that not every friend in your circle has the best intentions for you. Sometimes, even the ones who wish the best for you don’t know how to speak life over you. You want your inner circle to be one that encourages and inspires you. If the words of your friends or the people you surround yourself with put emphasize the struggles, fears, criticisms, weaknesses, etc. of your everyday life; I would encourage you to find new people to invite into your circle. That’s a big part of why I created the Laced With Purpose Family. I LOVE encouraging and being encouraged by these faith-filled ladies.

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For every negative comment you receive, it takes nearly ten positive comments to get you back onto neutral ground. Yikes! I spent years being my own biggest critic. The thoughts swarming around in my head were (for the most part) thoughts I was feeding myself. And since I can’t escape myself or drown out my own voice I had to find a way to change my thought process. The thing is, I didn’t want to come up with a ton of fluff quotes, you know? Or “spiritual” affirmations from some self-help guru. I wanted the truth. I wanted something I could actually stand on which lead me to search out what God Himself has to say about me. Now when those negative thoughts started darting into my mind, I can combat them with God’s truth.

Philippians 4:8 your every thought.

I’m going to let you look that verse up for yourself. It is one that will help you cipher through your thoughts, determine if there is any truth to them, and help you respond to them appropriately. If you don’t already know it, or you haven’t memorized it; I suggest you get it on your to-do list, because apply this one verse to your life can change everything for you for the better.

Check out this story to learn how I put Philippians 4:8 to work in my life. 

Friend, you don’t need to live under the burden of heavy words and negative thoughts. Discouragement isn’t something God ever intended for you to keep in your life. In fact, He came to give you hope and to uplift you. If you’re struggling to manage the thoughts floating around in your head, I hope you’ll take these tips to heart and learn to flip the script.

Want to Dig Deeper?

These resources have been INSTRUMENTAL in my own life. They are full of practical, biblically backed, tips and insight that can help you take the reigns and manage your thought life in a way that honors God; fills you with God-given peace, and produces unquenchable faith. 

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