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I’ve never been a stranger to the Bible. Growing up, it was expected of us to spend time studying the Bibles on a daily basis. I didn’t always live by what I learned. Rather, there was a season of my life when I did pretty much the opposite. But what I have come to love about how my parents raised us (my 6 siblings and me) is that no matter what sort of mess we were in or what hurt we were feeling, we always knew how to open up the Bible and find the encouragement we needed. We knew that God would have the words to encourage us where we were at.  

Practical Tips for the Women Learning to the Bible @mrslotanner

Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for the Women Learning to Study the Bible

What I didn’t realize is that not many women shared that experience. I found a lot of women have the desire to learn about the Bible and study and grow from it; they just don’t know where to start. That’s something they were never taught, which is why I wrote: “Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips For The Women Learning To Study God’s Word.

Every valuable thing I have learned about life, relationships, parenting, and marriage can be traced back to the Bible.  Which is why I think it’s so important that women learn how to study and navigate God’s Word.

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Through this ebook, I share a series of simple and practical tips that can help you navigate the Bible and hold on to all that golden information you find in it.

Start Your Journey of Learning to Study the Bible

I’m so excited to finally get this book in your hands! I think you’ll enjoy using these tips. And I wouldn’t doubt for a moment that they’ll make your time in God’s word a bit sweeter than before. You can get started by ordering your ebook here.

What struggle (related to Bible Study) are you most looking to overcome with while reading Simple & Sweet? 



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