(Ebook) God, Change Me First Devotional


Invite God to search your heart, shape your life, and equip you to be a light in this world through this 14 day devotional for women. “God, Change Me First. “

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Join us in 14 days of praying, "God, change me first;" inviting God to search our hearts, remove what doesn't belong, and replace and nurture what does. http://www.lotanner.com/product/god-change-me-first @mrslotanner "God, Change Me First" {7 Day Challenge}

It's not always up to us to be the "fixers." Sometimes the best thing for us to do is step back and sincerely ask, "God, Change Me First." http://www.lotanner.com/product/god-change-me-first @mrslotanner

God, Change Me First Ebook Devotional A Prayer for Every Women's Heart. Learn more here: http://www.lotanner.com/change-me-first-devotional @mrslotanner

God, Change Me First Devotional

Do you ever just get frustrated with the situations that you find yourself in?

Or maybe a little bit frustrated at the situations the people around you are in? Maybe you have a husband who cares more about being a friend to the guys than a wife to you. Or a daughter who seems to constantly find herself between a rock and a hard place. Maybe it has nothing to do with your family, but you’ve been watching a co-worker slip into some poor habits that are affecting their character and your work environment. Do you ever just see the mess around you and get fed up? Yea, me too.

As frustrating as the world around us can be, that chaos provides us a great opportunity. The opportunity to reflect on our lives and makes sure we are living in alignment with God. “God, Change Me First” is a 14-day devotional created to help you do just that; boldly examine your life and invite God to work your heart; to shape you, encourage you, and build into the amazing women He created you to be. 

What’s Inside God, Change Me First:

  • Expanded Content including personal stories and testimonies of how these principles have affected my life.
  • Daily Action Steps to help you build on the truths you are learning.
  • Journaling Space for each Prayer Prompt.
  • Prayer Cards that correlate with each prayer focus
  • Prayer Cards for your personal use.
  • A Link (within the e-book) to Recommended Resources to help you keep on track and continue growing in God even after this devotional is complete.

This devotional will provide you with the opportunity to grow in Christ and inspire change in a powerful and authentic way. “God, Change Me First” is the prayer of women everywhere. Through this devotional, you’ll learn how to make that prayer a lifestyle.

About Mrs. Lo Tanner

Lo Tanner of @mrslotannerHi, I’m Lo.

I’m so glad you’re here! At my blog Mrs. Lo Tanner I provide guidance and encouragement for women choosing to make their relationship with Jesus the foundation of their lives and relationships.  I live in the most beautiful northern state with my husband and our three boys.

Before it became a devotional, “God, Change Me First” was my personal prayer. And that prayer was the beginning of some hardcore soul searching and real God-inspired change in my heart and life. That prayer has helped turn seasons of hurt, struggle, and frustration into seasons of healing, growth, and rest.

See, I found that sometimes in other people’s lives and the poor choices that they make that we forget to examine the way we ourselves are living. We don’t see how far we are veering off the path God has laid for us. In the book of Psalm (chapter 139:23 & 24) David prayed, Search me, O God, and know my heart; try me, and know my anxieties, and see if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” That describes so perfectly the heart and mission of this devotional. 

“God, Change Me First,” was designed to help readers boldly examining their hearts own lives. It’s an open invitation inviting God to search our hearts, remove what doesn’t belong, and replace and nurture what does so that we can be an example, a bright light, and a voice of encouragement for the people we love.

My prayer is that this devotional blesses you, challenges you, and deepens your desire to love and live like Christ no matter what sort of mess surrounds you.

<3 Lo Tanner


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  1. Abby

    Cannot wait to delve into your devotional and guides. I think this is one of the most logical way to start a fulfilling spiritual journey – starting with yourself from within. The minute I read the outline of your devotional I felt drawn to it. Thanks

    • Lo

      Thanks so much, Abby! I’m excited for you! If you’re not already a part of our Facebook group I’d love to invite you to join us there too! You can find us at http://www.facebook.com/groups/lacedwithpurpose. I hope to see you there!

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