(Ebook) Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for Women Learning to Study God’s Word


Practical tips women can use to make learning the Bible Simple and Sweet. Includes a 30 day Bible Study Journal and Bible Study Color Key!



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Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for the Women Learning to Study God’s Word

Don’t you wish there was a practical way to make studying the Bible a bit more simple?

Let’s be honest, the Bible isn’t always an easy of books to break down and understand. And on the days that it is, the next challenge you face is retaining all you’ve learned so you can apply it to your life and actually make a difference in the life you live.

Through Simple & Sweet,  Lo Tanner reveals a series of simple tips you can use to help you break down, understand, and retain all that you learn from your Bible study, making your time with God a bit sweeter and a lot less complex.

Learn, where to start your Bible study journey, how to find encouragement for the season of life you are in, how to retain and apply all that golden information you’re about to dig into, and more!

What’s Inside:

  • A guide for keeping your Bible study simple and sweet
  • Bible Study Color Key
  • ***BONUS 30 Day Bible Study Journal

About Mrs. Lo Tanner

about author, educator, and joy enthusiast Lo Tanner http://www.lotanner.com/about-lo-tanner @mrslotannerHi, I’m Lo!

I’m so glad you’re here! I’m an Alaska grown wife and mama who loves to serve women by providing biblical and practical tools that can help them live enjoyable faith-filled and purpose-driven lives.

I grew up with a deep love for the Bible. Reading it, studying it, talking about it. My parents were both leaders in the church we went to and as I got older I stepped into student leadership at our church where conversations about the Bible and the stories in it was the norm.

What I didn’t realize growing up, was that my experience wasn’t the norm for most people. I found there are so many women who have a deep desire to learn the Bible but simply don’t know where to start, or if there even is a “right place” to start;” which is why I created my ebook “Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips For The Women Learning To Study God’s Word.”

Studying the Bible shouldn’t have to be complicated. My heart is to share with you simple and practical ways to find gold in the Bible and apply it to your life. I think you’ll find this ebook an encouraging resource you’ll go back to again and again as God walks you through each different, new, and exciting season of your life.


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