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3 Ways to make faith-filled living a lifestyle instead of a Sunday morning after-thought. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose3 Habits for cultivating a faith-filled life. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

Living this life with purpose. 3 practical ways to cultivate purposeful faith. @mrslotanner

How to Cultivate A Life of Purposeful Faith

C’est La Vie! That’s how I feel about 2018. Not because it was a horrible year, but because I am absolutely ecstatic to see what God has for us in this new year. I’ve been dreaming up 2019 for the past few months; asking myself questions like what changes can I make in our home to cultivate an atmosphere of peace? What changes can I make as a wife to cultivate a deeper friendship and intimacy within our marriage? How can I be more intentional in my work and ministry?

There was a time when I felt really bogged down about all of these things. I was overwhelmed as a mom, discouraged as a wife, frustrated with my work. I thought maybe I just had too much on my plate. Maybe I was dreaming too big. Maybe I was chasing something I wasn’t quite equipped for yet. Can you relate?


When It Feels Like Just Too Much

For quite a while this line of thought had me thinking I had to lay it all down. I needed time to perfect me before I could even consider pursuing work outside of me. So I slowly started letting things go. I stopped writing, I stopped blogging, I stopped serving others… and where did I focus that energy? Where else but on me?

I thought for sure that I just needed more “me time.” If I could just hold myself together I could start adding some of the other things back in. But God showed something that radically changed how I approach my home, my family, my marriage, ministry, and relationship with God. He said,

“Daughter, you don’t need more time for yourself. What you need to do is be more purposeful with the time and relationship you already have.”

And I realized that I had fallen for it. I had lost myself in the mundane. Instead of being present, engaged, and intentional about stewarding the life God had given me, I had settled with simply surviving. “Making it through” a season instead of thriving and prospering where God has positioned me. Yikes!


Pursuing Purpose

I didn’t wait for a New Year to start shredding that bad habit. How could I when God had so clearly shown me what I had forgotten?

There was a purpose in my motherhood. How could I wait to start intentionally and lovingly disciple my children? 
There was a purpose in my marriage. How could I wait to build a home and partnership that glorified God?
There was a purpose in my writing and outreach? How could I wait to use the gifts God had so obviously given me to reach the people He so greatly loved? 

I decided then and there to adopt a new (to me) mindset. I wasn’t going to let life’s frustrations steer my decisions anymore. Instead, I was going to let my God-given purpose lead me through each moment of my day. And you know what? That’s when life became manageable. That’s how parenting became enjoyable and marriage became exciting when I started living life on purpose for the purpose God created me. Maybe you’re not sure what that purpose is. Maybe you’re struggling with how to pursue it.

Today, I want to point you towards it and give you some practical tips that can help your walk in it.

BUT FIRST, I think it’s important that you understand living intentionally and purposefully for God doesn’t start with man-made goals and ambitions. It starts with the wisdom and leading of the Holy Spirit. And so much of that wisdom comes from studying the Bible and applying those God-given truths to your life. These three directives can help you do that.

  3 Ways to Cultivate A Life of Purposeful Faith

Pick up your Bible more often.

Aim for daily. Not because it’s a spiritual law or anything like that, but because there isn’t a day that will go by where you won’t benefit from seeking and pursuing a relationship with God.


If you don’t know where to start my book Simple and Sweet: Practical Bible Study Tips for Women can help you pinpoint the perfect starting place. You’ll also learn different Bible study methods and how to break down and understand certain passages of the Bible.

Ask yourself, “How can I apply the principles of what I learned from the Bible to my life?”

I strongly suggest journaling these thoughts and the Bible verses that inspired them. The S.O.A.P Bible Study is perfect for this. You’ll learn about that method in Simple and Sweet too. Once you’ve got it down on paper start applying it to your day to day life.


10 Bible Study Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself

How to Study The Bible Verse By Verse

The ONE Questions You Should Ask Yourself Daily

Cultivate a life of prayer.

Get comfortable talking to God and start expecting to hear him respond to you. And not just respond but even reach out to you. This is a big part of carrying God with you through the day. We won’t always have immediate access to a Bible. When you’re at work, out on the town, or doing life with kids, it’s not always possible to just pull out a Bible and dig in. Through prayer, you have the ability to connect with God anyways. There isn’t a circumstance in the world that can break that guarantee.

There are a lot of people who have taken the time to carefully plan out their New Year. They know what they want to accomplish and you know, that’s great! I want to encourage you to go deeper than that. I want to encourage you to look at your motivation. How can you live purposefully while working towards your goals and resolutions? How can you be a light to others while using the gifts and talents God has given you? How can you introduce people to God’s outrageous love for them while pursuing the goals He has set in your heart?

Let Christ be your motivation for everything you set foot to this year.

Focus your attention on Him. Get in the Word, make applying the Word a lifestyle and communication with God a norm.

Because only then are you equipped to pursue all that God has for you. I hope you’ll join me this year, in continuing to live and cultivate a life of faith. Don’t forget to equip yourself! Snag my Bible Study Guide for Women to learn how to study the Bible, where to start, and how to find encouragement for the season of life that you’re in.

Need extra support? 

I host an online support group for women committed to living a life of purposeful faith. I’d love to see you in there!


6 thoughts on “How to Cultivate Purposeful Faith”

  1. I can so relate to this. If we aren’t intentional, we will never have the time we crave with Jesus. I love the idea of letting Christ become our motivation and making Him the norm.

  2. I like the challenge you’ve posed to thrive right where we are, even if our situation is less than ideal. We don’t have to wait to be intentional in how we use our time, especially connecting with God, with our families, and in our ministry.

    1. I think sometimes we get caught in the mindset that we have to be on a pedestal or at the top of the career ladder to make an impact. That’s such a lie. The more God separates me from that mentality the more I understand how powerful our impact can be even just at home.

  3. Wow what a great post! I loved it all but this really spoke to me. “Daughter, you don’t need more time for yourself. What you need to do is be more purposeful with the time and relationship you already have.” I really needed to read this.

    1. Hi Kristal! That really knocked me off my feet too. It was a total light bulb moment and adjusting my habits and choices to reflect that shift in priority has helped SO MUCH! I’m wouldn’t be surprised if you experience the same 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts me! If you aren’t already in our Life & Faith Group I’d love to have you there! You can find us at Be blessed, my friend!

  4. I really love your comment about letting my God given purpose lead me! Its so true. As moms I think we get stuck thinking that is our only purpose. Really it isn’t the only one…God has more for us too. However, we have to be ok with it being messy and not a pretty package with a pretty bow. Your exactly right the more we spend time with Jesus, in the Word and prayer the more we can cultivate right now.

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