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Okay, moms, in a roundabout way, this post is for you; but in a very upfront and blunt way, for the loved ones in your life – your husband, your children, your good friends, and so on – to give them a few practical ideas that might lift the heavy load off of you for a moment and give you a chance to catch your breath.

10 Ways to Bring Relief To An Overwhelmed Mom @mrslotanner

10 Ways to Bring Relief To An Overwhelmed Mom

Being a mom myself I now get how overwhelming it can be to have it all together all the time without falling apart. It’s tough. Some days are amazing, some are ridiculous, the rest of the days fall somewhere in between. Sometimes we just need a release. We need a moment to ourselves to break off some of the weight and refocus.

This post is designed to teach your loved ones how to do that just that.  So let’s talk about it.

1.  Offer to help. 

I put this first on the list because from a mom’s perspective, this is means so much! This screams “I notice you.” It shows that you are aware of all the hard work and effort that your bride is putting into her responsibilities. It shows that you appreciate those efforts and even more that you appreciate her. When you notice she is struggling, tired, cranky, or you just want to be a blessing to her; ask how you can help.

2. Just chat. 

Chat with her about things that don’t “matter.” Chat with her about nothing at all. Let her talk and pretend to be interested. Sometimes there is nothing more refreshing for a mom (especially a mom of young kids) than talking with another adult.

3. Get her out the house. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as giving her a few hours time outside of the home. Maybe suggest she takes a walk. Have her call up a friend for a girls night or even just ride around the car for a while. The time away will do her some good. That may require you to stay in with the kids or maybe hire a babysitter. Do what you have to do.

4. Let Her Sleep.

THIS Is one of my favorites. Actually, it probably is my favorite. Having three kids under 5 really takes a toll on my sleep life. I don’t imagine it gets much easier with school age kids. I mean there is still chores to help with, homework to help with, hygiene to make sure they take care of, sports practices to make sure they get to, a home to clean, meals to make, errands to run. Sleep is usually the last thing done on a mom’s to do list. That’s a real bummer because it’s probably the most effective energy source for moms (or parents in general). Anyway, all that to say, let your little lovely sleep. Again you may have to get the kids out of the house for this one.. do what you have to do.

5. Run a bath for her and let her sit and soak… ALONE. 

You would think the bathroom would be a safe place to enjoy some solitude. It’s not; at least not when you’re a mom. I can not count the number of time I have been enjoying a nice bath all to myself when suddenly my 3-year-old runs into the bathroom and jumps in the tub. Well after that all pleasure is gone and it’s back to reality getting the sweet boy washed, dried, dressed, fed, and ready for bed. Try to avoid that. Run some warm water in the tub, add some Epson salts, maybe light a candle or two, and let her relax. I’m telling you, this is seriously therapeutic.

6. Date Night! 

If your mom like surprises go ahead and surprise her. Plan a special night for just the two of you. If she doesn’t like surprises (like me) ask her out on a date and plan a date for the two of you. She’ll love you for thinking about her.

7. Cook dinner.

Not just for her but for the family. It doesn’t have to be an everyday thing. But allowing her to get off her feet and take a breather while knowing that things are still getting taken care of is a big stress reliever.

8. Say “thank you.” 

A little acknowledgment and praise will go a long way. Be sure to thank your wonderful helper for all her hard work. Thank her often just like she thanks you often (at least I hope she does).

9. Pray for her. 

Lift her up before God. Pray for strength in her body, grace in her actions, joy, and encouragement in her words, and peace in her mind. Pray God’s blessings over her.

10. Be understanding. 

Just know that she is giving life her best shot. She is trying to be the perfect mom, dream wife, best friend; and not lose herself in the midst of it. She’s hoping that all she does pleases you. She’s trying to take on the world and do it all without inconveniencing you. Let her know it’s ok for you to be inconvenienced. Support her, love on her, be there for her.

There are so many creative and simple ways to help out an overwhelmed mama. What are some of the useful things people have done to help you?

18 thoughts on “10 Ways to Bring Relief to an Overwhelmed Mom”

  1. The greatest thing my husband does to help with that overwhelmed feeling is gives me space to take a long bath every night and on Saturdays he lets me sleep in and bring my coffee to the bed (with steamed milk and fru-fru cream). Yes, he’s awesome!

    1. My mom always told me that when kids enter the picture (as far as parenting goes) its the moms life that changes drastically. Most men are able to continue living somewhat of the same life, the same lifestyle. Moms tend to completely recreate themselves around their families. Wives too I’ve noticed. Although I’m sure at some point everyone needs a break. 🙂

  2. I’m not a mom, but this is such a great list! I’ve seen my fair share of weary mothers, so this should be printed off and put in plain sight for every husband to see! Love it.

  3. I think these are brilliant because we are horrible at self-care. Moms will run themselves to the ground, and go day to day running on fumes. I tend to yell, “Tag! You’re it!” and disappear when I’m overwhelmed. But these small things can help keep a Mom from a meltdown!

  4. Such very practical and helpful tips – just being a friend and doing simple things like you said – chatting and getting her to laugh, getting her out of the house… it’s been years but I was so blessed as a working mom to have my mother’s help!

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