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Introduce your children to the true story of Saint Nicholas with the St. Nicholas Unit Study and "Give Back" Challenge from Awefilled Homemaker. @mrslotanner

Do your kids know the story of Saint Nicholas? When I was growing up it wasn’t exactly a popular story. Every kid on the block knew about Santa Clause and every myth associated with Him. But if you asked them where those stories came from or who Ol’ Saint Nick was, they wouldn’t have a clue. Which is a bummer because St. Nick’s story is definitely one worth sharing. Especially around the holidays. Our kids should know the truth about Saint Nicholas. 

How to Teach Your Kids the Truth About Saint Nicholas

One of the first introductions I had to Saint Nicholas (that I can actually remember) was through the movie Santa Clause is coming to town. It was a tradition in our family. We watched that movie every year at Christmas time from the time I was in kindergarten to the time I graduated from high school. And although that story wasn’t one hundred percent historically accurate (I mean, they had to add some adventure and flair for the kiddos, right?) it’s still a great way to introduce young ones to the story and generosity of St. Nick.

Santa Clause Is Coming to Town

The sing-a-longs are fun and the story is engaging and easy to follow. But if you want your kids to know the facts about St. Nick instead of just the fairytales and legends, I recommend you check out the St. Nicholas Unit Study from Awefilled Homemaker.

What (You And) Your Kids Will Learn

What I like about this study is that it doesn’t necessarily dismiss the character of Santa Clause, but instead teaches where the inspiration from Santa Clause came from.  Your kids will learn:

  • How kids in other countries refer to Santa Clause.
  • The difference between Santa Clause and Saint Nicholas (yes! there is a difference!).
  • What Santa Clause and Saint Nicholas have in common.
  • The history of St. Nick
  • The legacy of St. Nick.

Download the St. Nicholas Study Unit

The St. Nicholas Unit Study also comes with a printable “Give Back” Challenge Checklist! Through this checklist, your kids will learn simple and age-appropriate ways to give back to their community, family members, and friends. The “Give Back” Challenge is a great way to remind our kiddos that this is a season of GIVING.

God loved us so much that he GAVE His Son.

Saint Nicholas gave his time, money, and possessions.

With the “Give Back” Challenge your children will learn that they too are capable of impacting the world through their giving. Next to the gospel, this is one of the best lessons your kids could ever learn.

Download the St. Nicholas Study Unit

Don’t forget to come back and tell me what you think! I love hearing from you ladies! Enjoy this study!

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