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This week I had the blessing of sharing my heart on the pages of Servant Mama, a blog run created to encourage and uplift women; particularly mamas and military spouses.

Now, I’m not a military spouse. So I can’t speak too much to the struggles, joys, responsibility, or culture of military life. But I am a mama. And I’ve experienced motherhood in many different “levels,” for lack of a better word. So today, I am going to speak to that.

An Open Letter to the Mama Who Needs Encouragement for Her Heart

I’ve been the single mom, the working mom, the married mom, and the stay at home mom. Each of wich carries their own unique struggles and blessings. Some of us are well equipped for the parenting task at hand. Some of us feel ill-equipped. Some mamas seem to be born for this while others (like me) spend a lot of time feeling like they fall short. Some of us have mastered the art of turning rain into the sunshine and always seeing the good side of things. Many of us are still learning.

But the one thing we all have in common is that at one point or another we all reach the need for a spiritual pick me up. We need someone to encourage us and speak life into our hearts. So…

To the Servant Mama Who Hasn’t Heard It Lately,

“Can I stop you right where you are and say, “You’re doing a stellar job”?

Because you are.

I know sometimes you doubt it. Sometimes you feel ill-equipped and some days you carry you carry more than your fair share of responsibility. You probably don’t get near the thanks you deserve, and if you’re anything like me, that discourages you sometimes.

Don’t let it though… [Read More]

This post was first featured on The Servant Mama. Click here to read this letter in its entirety. 

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