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Have you ever felt like the life you are living is less than it could be, or less than God intended it to be? Like your marriage, friendships, career, and family life; as great as they may be, still aren’t everything God designed them to be? 

I’ve heard it said that “a life without Jesus is a life that is lacking.” Experience has shown me, that couldn’t truer.

Here at Mrs. Lo Tanner, I provide guidance and encouragement to women committed to making their relationship with Jesus the foundation of their lives and relationships. I’ve found these two things, the life that we live and the relationships we have, tend to get messy when we remove God from them, which is why my mission is to equip women, wives, and brides soon to be with the skills, insight, and tools necessary to be the women God called them to be in the life and marriage He designed for them. 

One of the things my readers love most is that this advice and encouragement isn’t coming from someone who claims to have a perfect marriage. I’m an ordinary, everyday wife; sharing my heart, experiences, mistakes (because we all make them), and the many lessons God has taught me on this road called Marriage. I don’t ever claim to have all the answers, but what I do know I’ll share openly and honestly. We can navigate this thing together! 

If you’re ready to start that journey of navigating your life and relationships with God at the wheel, and are looking to get the MOST out of this site, you can start here with the Weekly Newsletter!

I’ll send you one email a week (typically on Monday’s) full of encouragement for your marriage or dating relationship and your relationship with Jesus. It may also include:

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If you’re just here to look around, that’s cool too!  There are a couple great spots I can point you to:

For starters, you can check out my new ebook Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for the Women Learning to Study God’s Word.” Throughout this ebook, I share a series of simple tips that will help you find, understand, and hold onto all that golden information God shares with us through the Bible. You can even preview a chapter for free when you become a part of this community.

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And hey, I just want to say thanks for stopping by. I hope you’ll be around often, but if not; I’d still love to stay connected with you!

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2 thoughts on “Start Here”

  1. So glad I found this site. I’m sadly having to go through a 3rd divorce and trying to stay focused, encouraged and keep a right relationship with God. I know one day I will be able to help other women who will have to deal with what I’m going trough, I’m just working on me again at this point, and trying to regain strength. God bless you for your obedience. Please keep me in your prayers.

    1. Carolyn, I am happy to pray for you (: I don’t know your whole story, but no matter what it is you are facing don’t every forget Jesus is head over heels, crazy in love with you. And the value He has given you is 100% non-revokable. Keep working on you, girl! Keep nurturing your relationship with Jesus! <3

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