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Looking to increase your blogs page views?! I’m about to share 4 tools that helped me more than TRIPPLE my blog’s page views in 2017. And I mean WAY more than triple. I’m talking nearly 7x the amount of traffic!!

It wasn’t nearly as difficult as most bloggers make it sound. If you’re wanting to grow your blog’s audience, increase your page views and potentially even your sales, hang onto your seat. I’m about to show you how.

4 Tools that helped me MORE THAN TRIPPLE my blog's page views and grow my email list. How to use Pinterest, Tailwind, and more. @mrslotanner

4 Tools That Helped Me More Than TRIPLE My Blog’s Annual Page Views

1. Pinterest

Not too long ago, Pinterest was the best-kept secret of successful bloggers. Now with so many bloggers spilling the beans about it, I’m surprised to see how many bloggers out there still haven’t cashed in on this platform. Pinterest is a GAME – CHANGER.

Why Pinterest?

There are a TON of good reasons but I’ll leave you with my Top 5:

1. Pinterest is about sharing information, not chatting about it. Unlike social media platforms where your content gets its boost from conversation based engagement (comments, likes, shares, laughs, etc.) all Pinterest requires to get your content out in the open is a simple “Pin” (similar to a Facebook share).  This saves a ton of time because you don’t have to constantly be on the social media clock for your content to be noticed.

2. Pinterest Pins have a longer lifespan.  While Facebook posts only remain active for a few hours (or a couple days at most) and a tweet for maybe 24 hours, Pinterest pins remain active for MONTHS.

3. Pinterest ENCOURAGES users to share AND RESHARE their content on their platform instead of penalizing them like Facebook does. Yes, you heard that right. Facebook actually suppresses the views of content that leads users away from their website.

4. Pinterest is a search engine. Meaning it is designed to help people find your content. If you’re branding yourself well and using SEO effectively, Pinterest will lead users from the search bar straight to your content.

Are you starting to see the bigger picture? If you aren’t using Pinterest to build your blog or business audience now, you should be.

2. Tailwind

If Pinterest was a game-changer (and believe me, it was) Tailwind is the icing on the cake. 

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Tailwind has an incredible feature called Tribes that gives bloggers a headstart when it comes to circulating their content. Not only that it allows you connect and network with other bloggers within your niche. When you choose the right tribes, visit them frequently, and use them as designed your posts will be put in front of hundreds of bloggers all super excited to share your content.

How Does Tailwind Work?

It’s as simple as these three steps.

1. Search for and join Tailwind Tribes that are relevant to your niche. On my blog Mrs. Lo Tanner we chat about all things marriage, business, and lifestyle. So when I search for Tailwind Tribes, sticking within those categories is most beneficial for me.

2. Share your content with the Tribe.

3. Share other people’s content. I have a strict 1:2 ratio. For every post of mine I share into a Tailwind Tribe, I share two of someone else’s. Pinterest actually rewards you for sharing other people’s content. So if you want to succeed with both Pinterest and Tailwind, don’t hog the spotlight. Make sure to invite others into it alongside you.

Try Tailwind FREE for 30 days! 

3. Canva

We’ve all heard the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” right? Well in the world of blogging and social media your cover often times is what converts onlookers into readers, and readers into buyers. So it’s important that you take the time to create an eye-catching cover; which is where Canva comes in. 

Canva is a FREE Graphic Design service. It’s simple for beginners (like me) to use and can be used for anything from social media graphics, blog graphics, and newsletter banners, to promotional design, pdf resources, and even ebook creation.

Canva meets all of my graphic design needs and helps me create graphics that give my readers a great first impression. 

4. Active Campaign

When it comes to increasing your page views and getting NEW viewers Pinterest and Tailwind are priceless tools. When it comes to maintaining your page views and getting readers to COME BACK to your page, Active Campaign is where it’s at. 

Give Active Campaign A Try

Active Campaign is the email marketing company I used to grow my newsletter subscribers by nearly 3,000 people in just a few months. I’ve used other email marketing services before and I’ll just be honest, they don’t compare. There are a lot of reasons I recommend Active Campaign to the bloggers and business owners in my tribe. Here are the Top 4.

4 Reasons I Stuck With Active Campaign

1. My freebies ALWAYS make it to my readers. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case for some of the other email marketing services I’ve used.

2. They have an A+ email automation service. This is essential for delivering timely and relevant information to my readers. It literally saves me hours. I can engage with them and spoil them will all kinds of valuable info from afar.  And like I said before, I know my emails will actually make it to them.

3. Since switching to Active Campaign my email open rates increased. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but whatever the reason, I’m grateful for it! My guess is that this goes hand in hand with #1. My emails are making it to people’s inbox as opposed to spam or junk folders. I don’t know that this is the exact reasoning, but it’s my guess. Either way. Thank you Active Campaign.

4. Quality Customer Service. This is something that is non-negotiable when it comes to an email marketing service. It’s important to me to have information at my fingertips. It’s also important to me to have access to people in case I can’t find the answers in the information they’ve provided. Active Campaign is on top of both of those.

Can you see why I’m crazy about them?

Get started with Active Campaign

 So there you have it! How I more tripled my blog’s page views AND grew my email list with just a few simple tools.

Do you think you can manage to implement a few new tools? I think you can! But if you still have questions, drop them in the comments! Let’s talk about it!

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