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I missed you all last week!

While most weeks I have plenty of time to blog my little heart out, last week was an exception. I spent a good chunk of it at a victory campaign where Kenneth and Gloria Copeland were speaking. It was pretty incredible! Growing up I lived for conferences like this. There’s something seriously powerful about the coming together of the church, ya know? I love that atmosphere! It encourages my soul, it builds my faith. And lately, that’s what I’ve been needing. So instead of hanging around the house, we made a mom and daughter date out of it and headed to town for the conference.

4 Thought Provoking Truths I Learned from Kenneth Copeland @mrslotanner

Can I just say – my mind was blown by the amount of wisdom this couple had to share; so many thought provoking and heart altering statements. I don’t have space in this post to dig into all of them now, but I figured I’d drop a few of my favorites down here and let you dig and seek and discern what God needs you to get out of it.

So here we go!

4 Thought Provoking Truth Shared by Kenneth Copeland

1. “Meditating on the Word of God expands your capacity of faith.”

2. “Faith and fear operate in the same spiritual realm. One comes from our connection with God, and the other is a result of disconnect.”

3. “Faith comes by hearing, hearing by the Word of God. Fear comes by hearing, hearing by the laws of sin.”

This one really hit my where I’d notice. Can you wrap your mind around this? The fact that fear and faith are both built on the same spiritual principle? The difference is simply the source you choose to listen to. God’s words build faith, Satan’s words plant fear.

As I’m writing this to you I’m also reflecting on how this applies to my life; and I’m thinking, man, I need to shut this dude (the devil) up.Can I ask you a question? How much more audible in your life is Satan’s voice (the voice the produces fear, anxiety, depression, worry, etc) in comparison to God’s (who brings peace even beyond our understanding, joy, strength, and then some)? I personally have to battle at times to hear God through all the static Satan is shoving through my ears.

Hey, Here’s a Quick Challenge For You:

If you’re like me, I want to challenge you to turn down the dial when those thoughts start bombarding your mind. Just like you would in the car when the radio is too loud, or when you just can’t stand to hear that talk show hosts voice coming through the speaker. Dial it down. Or better yet, change the channel. Start crowding your mind with God’s truth.

4. “Speak the truth enough, and it will change the facts.” (Based on Romans 4:16, “calling what is not as though it were”).

We’ve all had the devil feed us fearful and hurtful thoughts. Take a second and recall some of the lies he’s been whispering in your ear. Call them out as just that; lies, falsehood. Now turn the dial! Stop listening to the lies and hear what God has to say about the matter.

Share one encouraging thing you’ve heard God speak lately (either directly to you, through a friend or mentor, through his Word, etc.). Let’s fill the comments with some encouraging words from God to his daughters!

8 thoughts on “4 Thought Provoking Truths Shared by Kenneth Copeland + A Link Up”

  1. Thank you for this much needed reminder! Just this week, I found myself cycling through familiar negative thoughts: self-doubt, fear of failure, worry about the future. Then I realized all at once that those were thoughts from the enemy (LIES). You are so right that we need to crowd our minds with God’s truth. I appreciate you sharing this insight- fear and faith are built off the same spiritual principle, the difference being simply who you choose to listen to. I am going to be leading a women’s Bible study on Trillia Newbell’s Fear and Faith soon, and this is gold!

  2. My pastor recently taught this exact principle, that faith and fear both operate in the same spiritual realm. It was shocking to me but as I meditated on this principle and applied God’s Word to it, it became crystal clear – this is spiritual truth. Fear is the root of every negative emotion we experience on some level. Praise God he gave us the comforter and his Word to help us through it all. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Hey Lo absolutely!!! When we really know this stuff transformation happens. I’m so excited and grateful that YHWH has been teaching me this and given me an opportunity to share with other women.

    Blessings & Love
    Achama ❤

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