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3 Ways Amazon Echo can help you cultivate an atmosphere in your home where your faith and relationship with Jesus can thrive. @mrslotanner 3 Ways Amazon Echo can help you cultivate an atmosphere in your home where your faith and relationship with Jesus can thrive. @mrslotanner

Affiliate DisclosureDo you struggle with setting aside time to be alone with God? At one point or another, I think we all do. Let’s face it, this world demands so much from us, it’s challenging sometimes to put it all down and put God first. Which is why having the Echo in your home could be a good change for you.

3 Ways Amazon Echo can help you cultivate an atmosphere in your home where your faith and relationship with Jesus can thrive. @mrslotanner

Using Echo to Bring God Into Your Home

What Is Echo

Echo is a hands-free speaker that you control using your voice; similar to Siri (except the Echo responds to the name Alexa). It provides information, news, weather, sports, and more at your request. And for some people that in and of itself is great, but those features aren’t what caught my attention.

See, as a stay at home mom, it’s really important to me that I find ways to bring God into my home. Just like it’s important for everyone else to find ways to bring God into their workspace. Home is my workspace. Echo gives that ability in couple different ways.

3 Ways Echo Helps Bring God Into Your Home

1. Daily Devotionals

Through “Devotionals Daily” feature Echo has the ability to bring you a daily splash of encouragement each day with devotionals written by Christian Speakers like Sarah Young (author of Jesus Calling), Rick Warren (author of The Purpose Driven Life), Max Lucado, Lysa Terkerst, and more!

If you already have Echo, enable Daily Devotionals here. 

Echo can also read ebooks for you through Audible, which is great for those of us who like to listen while working. Like I said I’m a stay at home mama and find a lot of my time is spent doing homemaking tasks like washing dishes and laundry. Instead of doing those things in silence (thanks to nap time) I think it’s cool that with Echo you can listen to that new devotional you just purchased through Audible. Or even a fun audio drama like the Left Behind series (which I am currently reading – in case you were wondering).

2. Audio Bible

Echo will read the Bible for you via the Bible App. Check this out!

Sweet deal, huh?! And did you notice how Alexa’s voice doesn’t sound too choppy or robotic? It’s actually pretty smooth which makes listening to the Bible during your down time or while you work that much more enjoyable.

3. Worship Music

In our home, it’s also really important to us that the music we listen to honors God. With three young ones in the housekeeping CD’s clean and in one piece is almost impossible. And I learned (the hard way) that once you teach your little ones how to use your phone, well, that’s the end of every being able to listen to a song the entire way through. Now every time the phone comes out my kid’s fight to play with it. So listening to music on my phone isn’t so much an option anymore. At least, not if I want a peaceful home while my little men are around.

But music is such an important part of our lives. I love that worship music connects the message of God’s love to my kiddos tender hearts while at the same time, encouraging my heart. Music has the power to set the atmosphere. That being said, I think it amazing that Echo has the ability to play individual songs or even play-lists at our request. Worship music can be playing through your house all day! You can listen to any song out there with Amazon Music Unlimited or connect your Echo device to your Pandora, Spotify  (download my free worship play-list here), or even iHeartRadio.

Echo Dot

Other Benefits of Echo

 The Alarm Clock and Reminder Features

I really appreciate the fact that echo has an alarm clock that is NOT attached to a cell phone. When I use my cell phone as an alarm clock I tend to wake up and find my self-wasting precious time on silly things like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and even my email. And although there are times and places for those things, they don’t fit into my priorities for the morning. I like the fact that with Echo I can set the alarm to go off in the morning followed by a reminder to spend some time with God. And if the time comes and goes faster than I anticipated, I can still invite God to be a part of my day through the Devotions Daily, listening to His Word on the Bible App, and creating an atmosphere for worship.

And the reminder feature is great for making sure you make it to work, appointment, and Bible Study ON TIME!

Echo and Homeschooling

If you’re a homeschool family, the echo can be a great resource when it comes to research assignments. All you have to do is say, “Hey, Alex, give me some more information about the United States.” And voila! Alexa will spill her little heart out with all kinds of information about the solar system.

Echo and Home Systems

Echo can be attached to most any other smart home system you can think of. You can control your lights, television, game system, and more all from your echo.

As you can see, Echo is great for a lot of reasons. But what I love most is that Echo gives users the ability to cultivate an atmosphere in your home where your faith and relationship with Jesus can thrive. 


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