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I was livid. Livid enough that I literally, almost walked out of the movie theater, popcorn and drink in hand. The fact that it was a mother-daughter date didn’t change a thing. Infidelity is not something I enjoy witnessing. It hits too close to home for too many people close to me. So even though it was just a movie, I was ready to jet out of that place. Had that scene lasted 10 more seconds, I would have made it to the door too. But I’m glad I didn’t. Because as frustrating as that first scene was, I can’t deny that the movie as a whole was Powerful.  I would only be kidding myself if I tried to say that War Room didn’t spark something beautiful in me. Before I go too far into things, let me tell you a bit about the movie.
War Room_The Movie

War Room

Who is this Movie for:

War Room is for anyone needing encouragement in their faith, relationships, or just life in general. It is for anyone who wants/needs to gain a fuller understanding of the power of prayer. Really it’s for anybody. But it’s especially great for wives looking for encouragement and someone to speak positively into their marriage.


War Room is a movie based on the concept of powerful and transformative (if that’s even a word..) prayer. It is the story of a wife who uses prayer to fight for her family and ultimately her broken marriage.

After a few encounter with Ms. Clara, a widow who offers wise counsel to Elizabeth (the distraught wife), Elizabeth decides that divorce is not an option. Instead, she invests her time in fighting this very spiritual battle with a very spiritual weapon; prayer.

War Room teaches women how to pull the power of God’s Word into their prayer life. And because we know God’s Word is the truth, when we speak in agreement with it, what we speak MUST come to pass. This is the boldness the audience learns to pursue.

My Experience: 

Like I said, the first 20 minutes(ish) of this movie, I spent just… upset. Those were the scenes where the director has to paint an image of the kind of trouble Elizabeth and John’s marriage was in. We see hints of Elizabeth’s discontent and John’s blatant lack of integrity and honor for his marriage. And that’s what really got to me. Relationships are a focus that God has put on my heart. I’m really sensitive to witnessing broken relationships in the context of cheating and infidelity. That was NOT what I wanted to see first thing on the theater screen. 

BUT once I stopped focusing on my frustration (ya know, for the sake of our mother/daughter date) God used that movie to do a pretty awesome thing in my heart. Had I not been able to just let it go, I would have missed all of the wisdom, counsel, and the incredible testimony that made this movie worthwhile. Turns out I needed a Ms. Clara to speak into my life just like Mrs. Elizabeth did.


War Room is powerful in that it introduces women (and men too) to the power of prayer. It inspires and encourages people to hold onto the promises of God. It teaches us to stand in agreement with God as we pray. And most importantly, it is a movie that demonstrates God’s power and faithfulness when we pray.

War Room is a movie that belongs in every home.

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16 thoughts on “War Room”

    1. I too have started a prayer journal in response to that film! Am also working on being intentional with prayer. I’m a work in progress of course but I’m getting there!
      Thanks for stopping in Natalie 🙂

  1. I wrote a whole post about why Christians should see this movie. It is a movie – it’s fictionalized of course, and there will always be theological ways to pick apart faith-based films, but I felt the movie was so empowering to encourage us to PRAY. Set aside time, place, energy to reach out to God.

    1. It was a very empowering movie! Once I got passed the first 30 minutes or so. Haha! But that Mrs. Clara, she sure set me straight a time or two.

    1. Yes, it is SOOO powerful! I’ve been highlighting clips of it on my Facebook page. I wish every woman (or man too for that matter) would sit down and watch this movie.

  2. Wow! What a reaction. I love how God can use anything to get our attention. It seems like he really helped you work through some great things and sharpen your faith in prayer.

    1. I would say, it anything, it reminded me HOW to pray. It’s easy to throw a list of wishes at the big man upstairs and expect that they come to pass, but that’s not really prayer (at it’s root). This movie helped me learn how to draw my prayers from what God has already declared and to stand firm on those promises. So helpful!

  3. I loved the movie and we bought the video version for our married kids for Christmas. I would love a prayer room but find I do well right here on my sofa, on my knees, or walking thru the house with my prayer notebook. Thank you for the link-up.

    1. I spend a lot of time at our kitchen table or on my bed. Works just as well! And thank for stopping in 🙂 Glad to have you.

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