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Why EVER Blogger Needs An Avatar @mrslotanner Why EVER Blogger Needs An Avatar @mrslotanner

Before I became a blogger the only time I had ever heard the word “avatar” was when my gamer friends were talking video entertainment. That and there’s a pretty awesome sci-fi movie called Avatar if I’m not mistaken. I would have never thought an avatar would have anything to do with blogging. But it does.

In this post, we’re going to talk about avatars; what they are, how to create one, and why every blogger needs an avatar. 

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Why EVERY Blogger Needs An Avatar @mrslotanner

Why Every Blogger Needs An Avatar?

When I first started blogging I had dreams of reaching the masses. I wanted to reach out to everybody. I was so pumped and so excited, I thought for sure I could do it. But you know what I realized when it comes blogging? It’s actually kind of difficult to appeal to everybody and stay true to your own purpose. I found myself running in every direction – trying to catch the attention of any person who comes by. When you’re running circles like that, your followers don’t ever get the opportunity to actually get in step with you. That’s where creating a niche comes in. And even more specific than a niche is an avatar.

Avatars Aren’t Just for Video Games

Has this ever happened to you? You sit down at the coffee table in your living room, coffee in hand ready to write a stellar post. Your outline is finished and you’re ready to jump right into the conversation piece  (the body) of your post. You start out kind of general as if you are speaking to an audience of a hundred or so, but soon begin getting more personal, more detailed, more intimate. Suddenly you notice you’re not talking to a crowd anymore. You are talking to a person. One single person. That person is your avatar.     
Having an avatar makes ALL the difference in the world when it comes to engaging with your followers. As a blogger, you want to be able to offer solutions, products, and resources that meet the needs and interests of your audience. To do that you have to know who your audience is. You need to know what struggles they face, what their interests are, and what their life is like.

So, Who Do You Want To Speak To?

That’s the first questions you’ll have to ask yourself in order to create your avatar. Who do you want to help, teach, or encourage? What kinds of problems do you plan to present solutions to? Is your audience of one going to be a man or a woman? What is his or her name? Yes, Your avatar needs to have a name.

Questions like these will help you create your and shape your avatar into a person that you can comfortably speak to.

Meet Hannah (My Avatar)

She’s 26 years young, married, with three kids. She lives in Alaska and love to be outdoors. Hannah is a Christian wife, She loves to study the Bible and actually leads a Bible Study group for young women. Hannah’s husband, however, is not a Christian. Sometimes she struggles with letting him lead their family because the choices he makes aren’t always ones she believes will honor God. All that aside, She loves her husband dearly and is always looking for resources that will help her strengthen her marriage and love her husband in a way that pleases God. She wants to be her husbands biggest cheerleader.

Hannah loves to write. It started with just journals but has grown into writing devotionals, small books, and yes, blog posts. Hannah is slowly warming up to the idea that she can make money from her blog and the resources she offers on it. She’s eager to learn more and spends a lot of her time on Pinterest researching and learning the in’s out and how to’s of blogging. She learns a lot from “The Blogger’s Cove,” a group she found on Pinterest for Bloggers and Business Owners.

Hannah doesn’t have much spare time but when she does get a chance to put her feet up she likes to read a good book. She’s learning to make taking care of herself a priority and she loves to experiment with different beauty and hair care products.

Speak To One, Speak To All

I think it’s important to note that not everyone who reads my blog is an exact replica of Hannah, but most can relate to her and have similar interests, struggles, wants, or needs. This is why every blogger needs an avatar. In writing to specifically to Hannah I can speak into the lives of thousands of people just like her.  

So, have you thought about who your avatar is?

Maybe while you were reading a picture of who you’re talking to came to mind. Be sure to write down the characteristics that came to mind so you have your avatar in the front of your mind next time you sit down to write. In fact, why don’t you tell us about your avatar in the comments!

If you’re struggling to shape your avatar I’d love to help you out! Send an email my way ok! 

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4 thoughts on “Why Every Blogger Needs An Avatar”

  1. I have to admit although I have been blogging for almost 8 months I didn’t know what an avatar was! I thought it was a graphic or icon like a gravatar or favicon! 🙂

  2. Lol this is cool! I’ve been wanting to touch the hearts of Christian Women and let them know their value in Christ. Also, want to grow in grace along with the reader! ❤

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