Affiliate DisclosureIt could very well just be the kid in me… but there is something about color coding that really grabs at me. I just enjoy it. It simplifies, it organizes, it helps me keep my head on straight. And it’s fun. Who doesn’t enjoy adding a little bit of flair and fun to the things we take too seriously?

Hands? Anyone?… I didn’t think so.

Color coding is kind of traditional for me. It started back in elementary school. I was the librarian’s assistant, ok; what do you expect? I color coded anything and everything. Notebooks, binders, pencils, folders, my school notes, and now (15 or so years later) I find that it has carried into my Bible Study. Go figure.

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Why I Color Code My Bible

It’s not just that I like color (although I really truly do), it’s more than that.

Color coding my Bible helps my Bible come to life. 

As I read through the chapters and take in all of the wisdom, instruction, warning, and promise; color coding allows me to take in the information in a way that my mind will digest and retain it. I can mark what areas of my life a verse may be applicable to AND REMEMBER it!

All of a sudden the verse carries 10X more meaning because I can see how it applies to me. That is how a good Bible study session is supposed to work.

So today I am going o share with you, my Bible Study Color Coding Key!

Click here to download your free Bible Study Key!


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11 thoughts on “Why I Color Code Your Bible + A Free Printout to Show You How”

  1. That’s a great idea! I really want to get another Bible to color code. I want one that is “neat and clean” and one that I can highlight and mark. haha

    1. I am trying to do that same thing! I Reay want an amplified Bible to keep clean and a NKJV Bible to mark up. I just don’t want to spend the money right now. Maybe for my birthday.

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