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How to use my free Bible Study Key to get the most out of your personal Bible Study. @mrslotanner how I use color to enhance my personal Bible study + download my free Color Code Bible Key and see how well this method works for you! @mrslotanner

It could very well just be the kid in me… but there is something about color coding that really grabs me. I just enjoy it. It simplifies, it organizes, it helps me keep my head on straight. And it’s fun. Who doesn’t enjoy adding a little bit of flair and fun to the things we take too seriously?

Hands? Anyone?… I didn’t think so.

Color coding is kind of traditional for me. It started back in elementary school. I was the librarian’s assistant, ok; what do you expect? I color coded anything and everything. Notebooks, binders, pencils, folders, my school notes, and now (15 or so years later) I find that it has carried into my Bible Study. Go figure.

This FREE DIY Bible Study Color Key Template provides A fun and simple approach to Scripture memory and Bible study. Snag your Bible Study Key here! @mrslotanner

Why I Color Code My Bible

It’s not just that I enjoy coloring (although I really truly do). Color coding my Bible helps my Bible come to life. As I read through the chapters and take in all of the wisdom, instruction, warning, and promise; color coding allows me to take in the information in a way that my mind will digest and retain it. I can mark what areas of my life a verse may be applicable to AND REMEMBER it!

All of a sudden the verse carries 10X more meaning because I can see how it applies to me. That is how a good Bible study session is supposed to work.

So today I am going to share with you, my Bible Study Color Coding Key (as seen in my book, Simple & Sweet: Practical Tips for Women Learning to Study the Bible)!

A practical Bible Study Guide for women. @mrslotanner

How to Get Started?

Step 1 | Join our Facebook group and Download my Free Bible Study Color Key Template!

This is one of our most loved community resources! It’s really simple to set up and comes ready for you to fill in the blanks. I even included my own personal study key for you to look at so you can get an idea of how this tool works and what topics you might want to study.

So, before we go any further, make sure you join our Life & Faith community and download this free Bible Study Color Key Template! 

Step 2 | Define what topics you want to focus on during this season of studying.

My key is broken into six main categories:

  • Biblical Womanhood
  • Names and Characteristics of God
  • Christian Living & Godly Character
  • Declarations & Promises
  • Warnings & Sin Nature
  • Verses to Meditate On

The topics you choose to study are 100% up to you. You can choose to be as generic or specific as you’d like. I chose the topics that I feel are most relevant in for me in this season of my life. You, my friend, have that same freedom. And remember, you can alter your color key at any time. These tools aren’t to bring into a rigid routine. I want you to feel free and equipped to study as God leads you. 

Step 3 | Assign each of your core topics a color.

This step was a lot of fun for me! I had a lot of fun with it but was also very specific about the colors I chose and why.

Pink I chose to represent anything that had to do with my role as a woman in God’s kingdom; including my role as a wife, homemaker (a duty I chose, not one that was put upon me), and motherhood.

I chose purple to represent God because purple to many is a color that reflects royalty.

The color green reminds me of spring, new birth, and LIFE. Which is why I chose it to represent Christian Living principles and characteristics.

Each of the colors I chose is a reflection of the topic that corresponds. You can go that route if you choose to, but know that in all reality, it’s not that serious. You won’t lose brownie points with God or anyone else for that matter. So pick a color; any color.

Step 4 | As you study, highlight the verses you choose to focus on with the corresponding color (according to your color key).

Once you’ve finished step 3 and you’ve assigned each core topic to a single color and written them down on your Color Key Template you’re set to go! You can move onto step 4 which is simply putting the key to use. You can also use this key as you work your way through Bible study books, theology studies, or really anything you are studying that applies to your life.  Just the other day I was reading one of the books from the Lineage of Grace series; Unshaken by Francine Rivers, and Y’all; if it had not been a library copy of the book, I would have had paragraph after paragraph highlighted in that book.

Other Ways to Use This Color Key In Your Bible Study

What’s great about this study key is that you aren’t limited to using it just for highlighting. If you’re someone who doesn’t like to write in their Bible then you can use this key to color code your notes in your notebook.

If you want to mark verses in your Bible but don’t want to use ink, you can use colored tabs or decorative tabs to mark verses instead of using a highlighter.

I am really enjoying using my Journaling Bible because it gives me the option to do both of those things. I can highlight verses or simply use colored pens to write my notes inside my Bible and use the tabs to mark the verse so easy to find when I need it.

Color Coding is a pretty versatile method of studying. It’s great because you can make it your own.

Click here to take a peek at this Journaling Bible

KJV Journal the Word Bible from DaySpring (referral link) @mrslotanner

Bible Journaling Tools I Recommend:

I hope you enjoy your bright and new beginning to Bible journaling.  If you haven’t already, make sure you download my Bible Study Color Key so you can get started on the right foot! Here are a few other Bible Study tools you might find helpful:

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18 thoughts on “Why I Color Code My Bible + A Free Printout to Show You How”

  1. That’s a great idea! I really want to get another Bible to color code. I want one that is “neat and clean” and one that I can highlight and mark. haha

    1. I am trying to do that same thing! I Reay want an amplified Bible to keep clean and a NKJV Bible to mark up. I just don’t want to spend the money right now. Maybe for my birthday.

  2. A friend turned me on to Crayola twistables. They highlight without bleeding through the thin pages of a Bible. And you get more colors than traditional highlighters.

    1. What’s really awesome is to look back over time and see how God used the same verse to speak to into several different areas of my life at different times. Or to reveal himself in a new way over time. It’s the coolest thing!

  3. hi there I just brought a niv colour code bible to learn how to use it, because I am planning to rewrite the bible colour code it myself, but I am having trouble understanding the niv colour code bible. does anyone have this bible

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