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Kind and simple ways to show your acts of service husband you love him. @mrslotanner #lacedwithpurpose

Is it just me, or do Acts of Service seems to be one of the harder love languages to stand behind? It’s as if people hear the word service and run for the hills. I’ll admit, I’ve done it too. But listen, if we’re going to follow God’s example when it comes to demonstrating love, we have got to learn how to serve others without all the negative thoughts and feelings people associate with serving. We have to learn how to humble ourselves in that way. Especially, when it comes to demonstrating love within your marriage.

Gary Thomas explains this phenomenally in his book Sacred Marriage. I’ll let him be the one to deliver that message. He does it seamlessly the meantime, let’s talk about some ways that you can make Acts of Service work for your marriage. 


50 different idea you can use to incorporate Acts of Service into your marriage if your husbands love language is Acts of Service. @mrslotanner

What can you do to serve your husband today? Maybe have a fresh pot of coffee waiting for him in the morning, cook his favorite meal, or knock a task or two off his “Honey Do” list for him. There are so many things you can do! In fact, I’ve got 50 ideas I’m about to share with you. And the cool thing is, most of them won’t cost you anything but your time.

So if your husband’s love language is Acts of Service, and you aren’t sure where to start or how to put that love language to good use, start here with this list of 50 ways to serve your husband.  And remember,  it’s okay to keep things simple. It’s the heart of the action that matters most.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

50 Ideas to Try If Your Husbands Love Language is Acts of Service

1. Fold his laundry

2. Put a towel in the dryer when he goes to take a shower. When he’s done, meet him at the door with a hot towel.

3. Serve him breakfast in bed.

4. Start his coffee for him in the morning & top it off with a sweet love note.

5. Take out the trash for him.

6. Ask him what you can do to make his day easier.

7. Clean out his car.

8. Pick a task from his “Honey Do” list and do it for him.

9. Massage his feet, back, shoulders, etc.

10. Make the bed for him and leave a sweet note on his pillow.

11. Clear his dishes for him when he’s done at dinner.

12. Pick up his dirty socks, without mentioning it to him.

13. Pack his lunch and leave one of these sweet love notes for him.

14. Plan a Guys Night for him.

15. Be quick to step in when he asks for help.

16. Grab his favorite snack from the grocery store.

17. Plan a date night based on his favorite activities.


18. Run a hot bath for him when he gets home from work or just before bed. Bonus points if you remember to add some Epson salts!

19. Schedule his appointments (doctor, dental, etc. ) for him.

20. Help him with the budgeting. Get started with tips from The Busy Budgeter. This girl  knows what she’s talking about.

21. Find out what chore he hates the most and do it.

22. Light candles or essential oils in your home on occasion. Use the fragrances he likes.

23. Read the 5 Love Languages and APPLY, APPLY, APPLY!!!

24. Give your sweetie a CHORE FREE day!

25. Fill up the gas tank for your love!

26. Put the kids to bed tonight and let your man have a few extra minutes to himself. According to Shanti Feldhahn of For Women Only, giving your man 15 – 20 minute to himself as soon he gets home or after the family has eaten dinner helps him decompress and transition into the freedom and comfort of “home” 

27. Let him sleep in. It’s not lazy if he actually needs the rest. And if he doesn’t really need the rest (and who are we to decide that) allowing him to enjoy it is a blessing. Be a blessing.

28. Help him manage the finances.

29. On a late work night, call in dinner to the office for him.

30. Have warm socks waiting for him when he comes in from a cold work day.

31. Have a cold glass of water, tea, or lemonade waiting for him when he comes in from a hot and sweaty work day.

32. Take him out for an impromptu date night.

33. Have a “pick me up” waiting for him after a hard day at work.

34. Celebrate a recent win (no matter how big or small).

35. Dress up for him! Wear something you know he likes to see you in.

36. Take care of dinner and clean up on your own tonight (or with the help of your kids).

37. Clean up around the house, keep it feeling cozy.

38. Prep dinner for him on a night that you won’t be home for dinner. This cookbook is full of delicious meals you can have ready in 15 minutes or less!

40. Find fun ways to make what he provides financially, stretch.

41. Think of a chore that he hates and go finish it for him.

42. Let him have the last bite of dessert. Bonus if you feed it to him!  😉 

43. Date him OFTEN!! Ladies this is key! I shared about this (my personal experience) not too long ago in the Reclaiming Your Marriage Online Event. Even if it’s not traditional out on the town date. Seriously, get alone with your man! 

44. Ask him what you can do to make your one on one time together special?

45. Plan a fun family getaway.

46. Arrange childcare (or be the childcare) for the rest of the kids so he can get some one-on-one quality time with each of them.

47. Help him take care of his body by providing yummy AND healthy meals for him. This cookbook has some great ideas!

48. Follow through!! Remember that “thing” you told him you would take care of? He’s counting on you to follow through.  Don’t leave him hanging!

49. Scrape the ice off the car for him & start it for him so it’s warm when he gets in. If you’re a shorty like me, try an ice scraper like this one. You’ll thank me later.

50. Ask, “what can I do to help you relax today?”

And really y’all this is just the beginning! You know your spouse best. What things can you do for Him that you know would make him feel loved and appreciated? Make a list! And then start doing! Don’t be too proud to serve the man you love!

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50 different idea you can use to incorporate Acts of Service into your marriage if your husbands love language is Acts of Service. @mrslotanner

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